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Why you should wear it:

The 1990s trend has returned with a vengeance. It was spotted on the Chanel Fall 2015 runways in March, as well on stars such as model- actress Kiko Mizuhara, actress Emma Watson and singer Rihanna. The choker necklace is a great way to draw attention to your face and, unlike typical necklaces, it does not interfere with the neckline of your outfit.

How to wear it:
Although the black velvet band and elastic choker are still in vogue, experiment with bejewelled pieces and minimalist cuffs in silver or gold to suit different outfits and occasions. For an alternative take on the statement necklace, pair a choker with two or more necklaces of varying lengths. Use thin chains of the same colour for an elegant look. A money-saving option is to simply loop a black ribbon around your neck and let the ends dangle like a scarf, the way Australian photographer and stylist Margaret Zhang wears it.

Ouroboros choker in antique silver, US$210 (S$294),

The chic silver choker is held in place with a front hook and features a snake detail.

Silk cord and brass choker, $105.82, Ottoman Hands,

This tactile cord and brass choker offers two looks in one – just swop sides to suit the outfit.

Grosgrain and metal plate necklace, $45, COS,

This feminine and structural piece comes with an adjustable fastener at the back.

Casted flower choker necklace, $33.90, Accessorize

A more feminine take on the trend. Pull your hair back to show it off.

Cuff choker with pendant necklace, $85, Jemsa,

Achieve that layered-necklace look effortlessly with this choker and necklace set.

Pearl choker, $20,

Wear the pearl choker with a thin turtleneck or a top with a high neckline.


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