Thinking of customising your own capsule wardrobe? You'll need these staple pieces

You don't need a closet the size of a bank vault, get a few statement pieces and you could save tonnes of space. We'll show you how

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Do you find yourself purchasing so many fast fashion pieces that you’re now suffering from cluttered closet syndrome? When it comes to fashion, you don’t need a bloated wardrobe to carry off the looks you’re going for. Consider the capsule wardrobe: A concept that intertwines style and practicality where you limit the number of pieces to less than 40 and ensure that each piece is versatile enough to play well with the others.

This way, you’ll eliminate decision fatigue and save the environment too. Sounds impossible? It’s not. With a bit of determination and guts, you can downsize your wardrobe without compromising on style. Here’s how you can take a cue from Caroline Rector, the blogger behind Unfancy, known for her 37-piece wardrobe. Going minimalist need not be so hard.


1. A definitive black blazer 

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Having a great blazer that fits you to a T is a must-have — in fact, it’s indispensable. Whether it is to serve as a quick fix to sharpen your work attire or to add some sophistication and French chic to a casual outfit, a black blazer is literally the key to all your closet crises.

Pick blazers that fit your body silhouette: If you have a long torso, go for a long-line blazer which will give an illusion of longer legs (though you’ll have to pair it with high-waist skirts and pants). If you have a shorter torso, get a blazer that is shorter in length and keep it to just one or two buttons. Black is classic, but if it seems too mundane for your mood, go for navy.


2. A great t-shirt that can withstand 100 washes 

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Give t-shirts from fast fashion brands a miss. Yes we know that they’re extremely affordable and fashionable, but given the low prices, you can be sure these garments are not of the best quality. Instead, we suggest paying more for a t-shirt that can go through multiple washes and still maintain its shape. Besides, t-shirts are fundamental basics that you can build an outfit around, so it pays to get something more high-end. A worthwhile investment, we think.


3. A fashionable knit for cool situations

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A good jumper is an essential and will serve you well in all kinds of situations, whether it is to guard yourself against piercing weather while on vacation or if you’re just trying to stay warm in your chilly office. Our choice would be one that’s fashioned in a camel/nude hue, as this shade can go well with almost any colour.


4. A perfect black skirt

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Move aside Little Black Dress. Yes, an LBD is a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. But there’s a downside to this — almost everyone has one. Instead of blending in with this typical garment, go with a versatile and sleek black skirt that can be paired with an oversized shirt for work or a casual t-shirt during the weekends. With a skirt, you get a chance to play with multiple outfit combos. Win.


5. A really good shirt

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Another fundamental piece you should own, shirts can carry you from day to night with just minimal tweaking. We recommend oversized ones, preferably from the men’s section, as these are the most versatile. Tuck your shirt in your pants or skirt for a more formal effect, and knot the hem at your waist once the work day is done for a playful vibe. During the weekends, wear it as a “boyfriend’s shirt” with a pair of denim shorts.



6. A basic pair of black shoes

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This needs no introduction. Black shoes are the most versatile wardrobe essential of every capsule closet as its neutral shade can go with anything. Play around with fabric options like leather, satin or even velvet to give your footwear more personality. If you want a pair with crystal embellishments or an extra satin bow detail, go ahead. But make sure you have at least one pair of plain black leather shoes that you can easily slip on during lazy days.


7. An array of understated earrings

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Accessories can make a huge difference to your outfit. A killer pair of earrings can speak volumes — they cast attention onto your face and showcase your personality. But when we say go for something understated, we don’t mean boring. Eschew typical hoop earrings and go for pieces that are dainty yet unique, and that won’t make your eyes gloss over them. Those from brands like Alighieri and Holly Ryan Jewellery are a good bet.


8. Something from each season 

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Going minimal doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself once in a while. Getting a piece showcasing that season’s latest fashion trend can elevate your wardrobe, preventing your offerings from becoming too uninspired. But before you indulge in one, we say only take the plunge if you can see yourself wearing it multiple times. Will you be wearing that leopard print blazer for at least ten times in several ways? If yes, check it out of your shopping cart. If not, give it a miss and find something truly enduring. To pick something from the latest Fall/Winter trends, here are some of our suggestions: