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Gone are the days when a scale just gave you your weight. 

The Renpho Smart BMI and Body Fat Weighing Scale is here to give you a comprehensive look into your health, and guess what, it can also tell you if your furball has been sneaking in some extra treats or if your little one is growing just right.

Now, for those hunting for the next game-changer in health tech (or if you’re just curious about those extra pounds from last night’s pizza), there’s a deal that’ll tip the scales

For a limited time only, Renpho’s smart weighing scale is available at a whopping 40% off

This tech-savvy weighing device, which tracks your BMI and 12 other essential body measurements, is on offer right now at only $30

RENPHO Smart BMI and Body Fat Weighing Scale

$30.09 $49.99 40% off


But price aside, what makes this offer truly tempting are the smart weight tracker’s innovative features:

Sync it with your favourite fitness apps

The user-friendly Renpho app effortlessly pairs with your Apple Watch (Series 1 isn’t supported), Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health and more, ensuring all your health stats are consolidated and always updated. 

A health hub for the whole clan

It’s not just your stats on display. This scale embraces everyone — from grandparents to toddlers. With its ability to add an unlimited amount of users, every family member can track and celebrate their health milestones.

No more math for baby and pet weighing

Ditch the old method of weighing yourself, then carrying your tot or fur-baby and subtracting the difference, ‘cos Renpho’s got a mode for that. 

Just place your baby or furry friend on the scale and let technology do the rest.

RENPHO Smart BMI and Body Fat Weighing Scale

$30.09 $49.99 40% off


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