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It appears that 2017 is the year of functional fashion, and the latest in street-style and off-duty celeb fashion is the humble white trainer. Whether you actually work out in them or just wear a pair for kicks, you can’t really go wrong with the simple (but effortlessly stylish) addition of snowy plimsolls. Inspired by Dani Song, Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung and other fashion queens, take a look at our top 13 must-buys, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, it’s time to get a pair. A pair of white trainers, I mean.

Mexico 66 slip-on, $85, from Onitsuka Tiger

A classic pair of Tigers is one of the first things that come to mind when looking for some sporty and fashionable footwear. They look sleek and athletic and the little pops of colour are great for rounding off an athleisure-esque ensemble.

Single strap plimsolls, $29.90, from Zalora

The best kind of white trainers are the ones that look clean and pristine. You’ll see nothing but straightforward lines and minimalistic vibes with this easy single strap plimsoll, which is everything you could want for when emulating Korean street-style trends.

Lace-up plimsolls, $34.90 from Zalora

A faint pop of colour never hurts, and we totally advocate a little trimming in a cool pastel hue. As much as we love androgynous fashion, it’s nice to have that little hint of femininity spring out in your outfit.

Silver ruffle trainers, $59.90, from Dorothy Perkins (Zalora)

Other than soft pastels, who doesn’t love a little glow? Metallic embellishments are still completely in vogue, and you can’t deny that that silver ruffle in the corner keeps things high-fashion without being loud.

White sneakers with embroidery, $89.90, from Zara

This is somewhat reminiscent of the blue and white porcelain chic sneakers that Ong Shunmugam featured in her runway last season (which we so could not get over). Embroidery can really elevate a fashion item to more luxe levels, so take note if that’s the polished vibe that you’re looking to achieve.

Floral applique sneakers, $56.90, from Charles & Keith

Embellishments on everyday sneakers should always be tasteful, and floral motifs are wonderful for a dressed up yet soft look. The uniform shade of white on both the shoe and the embellishments play off wonderfully, which is super friendly for an unassuming yet chic street look.

Laser cut plimsolls, $82.90, from Lost Ink (Zalora)

Think of these as reverse embellishments, with the designs stamped in rather than added on. We have to admit that these aren’t quite appropriate for any exercise, but it’s a great opportunity to show off your cute socks!

Superstar 80s shoes, $199, from Adidas

We can’t have a trainers listing without mentioning Adidas. Yes, sure, you can totally run a mile in these beauties, but wouldn’t you rather slow down and let the world appreciate those stunning coppery embellishments that just scream ‘fashionista’?

Pom pom sneakers, $55.90, from Pull & Bear

If cute fashion is your thing, how could you possibly say no to these adorable sneakers? Granted, rainy weather will be the bane of your existence in these trainers, but the fluffy pom poms are way too cute to pass up on. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally flaunting some quirky fashion!

Manika sneakers, $129, from Guess

The luxury vibes from these Guess sneakers are so worth the comparatively higher price, and are more than appropriate for capping off a smart casual ensemble. There aren’t too many sneakers that can bring an atas spin on an otherwise everyday outfit, which makes these shoes a definite must-have for the fashionable working woman.

Platform sneakers, $52.47, from Maxstar (Zalora)

Sporty chic got even more stylish with these wedge heel trainers. We totally advocate attempting a power walk in these elevated plimsolls, and you’re bound to look like an off duty celebrity in even the simplest get-up! Casual friday platforms, anyone?

Faceted crystal sneakers, $99.90, from Mango

Runway-worthy sneakers are hard to come by, especially for a completely affordable price. If you’re planning to flaunt some crystal bedazzlement, it doesn’t hurt to go all out with some luxe-looking, polychromatic goodness. What is especially delightful about this pair is that you would probably be able to clock some miles in these, given its good sole grip and arch support.

Embellished buckled sneakers, $555, from Burberry (Net-a-Porter)

We couldn’t resist adding in a super luxury brand, and can you blame us? Buckles on sneakers scream high-fashion-meets-street, which really encapsulates this growing trend. Of course, we wouldn’t advocate attempting a workout in this lovely number, but you’ll definitely get heads turning when power walking down the business district.


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