Pretty desk accessories under $35 to make you feel good at work

Are you tired of being surrounded by the boring grey spaces in the office? Break up the monotony with these adorable desk accessories that will make coming to work feel less like a chore

office desk

Photo: 123rf

Marie Kondo famously said that if something doesn’t “spark joy”, it isn’t worth keeping. But if we’re honest, many things can spark joy within us — even if it’s just because they’re nice to look at. Isn’t that why we don’t think twice about spending $30 on a pretty but cheaply-made tumbler anyway?

So in the spirit of nice things that make us happy, here’s a gallery of nine office desk accesories that will make you feel joyful just by looking at them. Because if you’re going to spend most of your day at one spot, you might as well try to feel as good as you possibly can about it.


This article was originally published in CLEO.