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In a rush to get your last minute Father's Day gift? Here are some great presents you can buy online that'll ship in time.

It’s true that we all adore our fathers, but sometimes life gets in the way and we find ourselves caught off guard when Father’s Day rolls around. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve remembered just in time and you’re now rushing to find the perfect gift.

There’s no need to stress or feel compelled to splurge on a last-minute gift that may lack sincerity, because this year’s gonna to be different.

We have compiled a list of exceptional, last-minute Father’s Day gifts that will not only show your appreciation but will also be at your doorstep in no time — within a mere two days, to be exact.

Mini Waffle Maker, $29.90

Make fresh, fluffy waffles for dad and serve it to him on Father’s Day morning. After that, tell him that the entire machine is his and he can make his own next time. 

Free delivery within two days

Deep Tissue Massage Gun, $81.59

So, your dad’s a gym fanatic or maybe he loves his HIIT workouts. But no matter how tough he is, there are bound to be times when his muscles feel all tensed up and sore. 

That’s when deep tissue massage guns will come in handy. Designed to provide relief to muscle aches and aid in sports recovery, this handheld massager has many replaceable heads to target different body parts and even has a battery percentage calculator so you’ll always know how much juice there’s left. 

$81.59 $95.99 15% off
Free delivery within two days

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, $18.94

The book “Ikigai” is an essential read for those who find themselves dissatisfied or exasperated by their work, or for individuals who are overwhelmed by the demands of a busy lifestyle, feeling like they aren’t really living their life to the fullest.

If you’re someone grappling with the unsettling feeling of not having a sense of purpose or direction in life, this book could be a lifeline for you.

$18.94 $25.68 6% off
Free delivery within two days

Acer Predator Gaming Chair, $289.50

$289.50 $338 14% off
Free delivery within two days

Tiger Lager Beer Can Carton, 24 x 320ml, $49.90

$49.90 $54.40 8% off
Free same day delivery on orders over $150 on Amazon Fresh

Nintendo Switch OLED Console with Joycon, $419

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Amazon customer reviews: 

“Portability and docking makes this the best gaming console out there.”

“Just hook it up with your TV and sound bar with the docker and you get great visuals and sound.”

Free delivery within two days

Fitbit Versa 3, $258 

$258 $378 32% off
Free delivery within two days

Apple AirPods (Second Gen). $159

$159 $200.85 21% off
Free delivery within two days

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