7 cool things you can do at Pact; super cute manicures included!

Eat, shop, get your nails done and more at the one-stop shop Pact at Orchard Central

Kiyone LIM nail art.jpg

Pedicure art from the manicurists at Kiyone +LIM at Pact. Image: Kiyone + LIM

This is one single spot where you can easily spend a whole afternoon ‒ shopping, eating and getting your hair and nails done, all in one location. And we’re not talking about a huge mall here.

Head over to this cosy group of stores, known collectively as Pact on the second floor of Orchard Central. Described as a “destination emporium”, this 7,500 square feet space not only retails everything from tees and perfumes to furniture, you’ll also find a hair salon, a bar-restaurant as well as a private manicure room within the space.

Here, we share the top things you must do, while you’re at Pact.

1. Go gift-shopping at SPUR Hauswerks and Killari
If you’re searching desperately for a novel gift to please your design-obsessed friend, then do make a visit to this lifestyle store. There’s everything from origami-esque cushion cases, 3-D printed jewellery to Singapore-made jams within.


Clip-on bowtie from Monocircus and Geo cushion cover from Mika Barr, both available at SPUR Hauswerks. Images: SPUR Hauswerks

You’ll be supporting indie brands too, for most of the designs stocked are the works of young designers and architects; quite a few of these products grew from little side projects by these very talented minds, which does make us maybe a tad woeful about what we do in our spare time.

Fans of gems will love to pick up a new pretty and unique bauble or two at the Killari jewellery counter, also housed within SPUR Hauswerks.

killari jewellery.jpg

Rings from Killari. Image: Killari 

The Singapore-based brand uses unusual semi-precious stones specially sourced from all over the world by its Ecuadorian designer and founder Sofia Villacis, which are then featured on her handcrafted rings, necklaces and more jewellery pieces.

2. Get a very kawaii manicure at Kiyone + LIM
Blink and you’ll miss it really: If you didn’t know that there was a nail salon at Pact, you may not be able to find it, for it’s located in a not-so-obvious separate section, at the back of the SPUR Hauswerks lifestyle store.

Pedicure area Kiyone LIM.jpg

The pedicure room at Kiyone + LIM at Pact, in Orchard Central. Image: Kiyone + LIM

It gets even cosier if you're planning on getting a pedicure; you'll be seated within this cosy pedicure space (as seen above), which also means that you can have your nails done away from curious, prying eyes. And did we mention how cute and chic the interiors are?

kiyone LIM nails.jpg

Some of the nail art styles done by the manicurists at Kiyone + LIM. Image: Kiyone + LIM

Let the Japanese manicurists at this salon pamper your digits by buffing them to perfect oval or square tips, whichever you prefer, followed by placing intricate nail art designs onto your nails. This outlet is the first gel nail salon of Japanese chain Less is More (hence the “LIM” acronym in the name) in Singapore.

3. Find your favourite new scent at Code Deco
We have to admit it’s mighty cool to find a glasshouse within a mall; and it’s even more amusing to find within a lifestyle store. Here, you’ll find Singapore perfumery Code Deco and its selection of nearly a dozen fragrances.

Code Deco perfumery.jpg

Fragrances from Singapore perfumery Code Deco. Image: Code Deco

Pick from complex, multi-layered fragrances that vary as much as the spicy-sweet, musky yet surprisingly light “George” to the zesty, invigorating scent of “Tasman in Grey”.

4. Pick up a super-soft tee that you’ll love to sleep in at Sifr


Sifr at Pact. Image: Sifr

This local fashion label retails comfy pima cotton tees and men’s shirts as well as the Bamboo cotton tees by fellow Singapore brand Cosset and a smattering of a few other small knick-knacks from indie brands around the world.

5. Get your tresses tamed at Pact + LIM
If some of the stylists at Pact + LIM may look familiar to you, you’re not seeing double; for this is the sister salon to the original Kizuki + LIM at Raffles Hotel Arcade.

pact LIM hair salon.jpg

Pact + LIM hair salon at Orchard Central. Image: Pact

It’s also another outpost of the Japanese group LIM (Less is More), so expect a meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the hair services here.

6. Eat well and healthily at Kilo at Pact
Kilo brings its hearty yet surprisingly healthy grub to Orchard Central with a smaller sister outlet at Pact.

Kilo at Pact Raw Seafood Ceviche.jpg

A platter of Raw Seafood Ceviche at Kilo at Pact. Image: Kilo

Expect plenty of yummy small bites from its distinctly Japanese-style menu, be it sushiros (short for sushi rolls) to bowls of pan-seared salmon donburi.

7. Bring a one-of-a-kind chair home from Fred Lives Here
This furniture store moved from Emerald Hill to Orchard Central, bringing with it quite an eclectic selection of furniture, each customised by designers from all around the world.

Fred Lives Here.jpg

Fred Lives Here is now located at Orchard Central. Image: Pact

Expect to see chairs covered in crimson roses and other quixotic styles as well as really funky animal-shaped shelves that we wish we could fit in our rooms too.

SPUR Hauswerks, Kiyone + LIM, Killari and Code Deco are located at #02-21/23, Orchard Central. Sifr, Kilo at Pact and Pact + LIM are located at #02-16/18, Orchard Central. Fred Lives Here is located at  #02-14, Orchard Central. Go to for more information.