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What does it take to become a top fashion blogger in Singapore? A lot of confidence, say Vera Mao (@nakedgloryvera) and Nicole Wong (@ncwong). These two style stars will soon help pick a winner for the Style Influencer category in the upcoming herworldPLUS Street Style Awards 2015.

The annual herworldPLUS Street Style Awards will kick off from April 6 this year, with over $4,000 worth of prizes for the winners named as Best Guy, Best Girl and other categories. All you have to do is to hashtag your outfit-of-the-day (or OOTD for short) photo with #sgstreetstyleawards; we’ll do the rest

Vera was actually a herworldPLUS Street Style Awards 2014 finalist and has since worked with brands including Samsung Singapore, GUESS and Zalora since starting her blog in December 2010. Nicole on the other hand, began blogging as a young teen while making the best of her style expertise as marketing manager for bespoke tailor Kevin Seah.

Here are the tips and tricks Nicole and Vera say will help you ace your #OOTD pic …

Style blogger Nicole Wong of Image: Nicole Wong

Style blogger Vera Mao of Image: Vera Mao


Here’s where you need to shed that ‘wallflower’ mentality, say the two style stars.

“I’m looking for someone who is confident with her body and is unafraid of being herself through the clothes they wear,” explains Nicole, on her criteria for the ‘Style Influencer’ winner for the herworldPLUS Street Style Awards 2015. “No clothes can make a person look good if they’re not confident.”

Vera agrees: “I’ve always believed in not letting the clothes wear you, or trying too hard to go after a certain trend – just wear something you’re comfortable with!”


According to Nicole, it’s best to shoot your outfit snaps right before the sun sets in the evening. More specifically, the two golden hours from 4pm to 6pm. “You’ll find the best natural lighting at that time of the day,” says Nicole. The glare of the sun isn’t as strong as it would be at noon or in the early afternoon, when the lighting might look too “harsh” for your street style snaps.

Vera suggests that outfit snaps could also be done in the morning before 10 am when the light is soft so your pictures will be able to enjoy good detail in both highlights and shadows.


True story: Nicole does everything from setting up the camera to posing for the snap. She confesses that all you need really, are a camera, timer and tripod. Otherwise do as Vera has done; get the help of a friend.


Vera confesses that her outfit posts are mostly well thought out and not taken on a whim. She says that she usually makes a mental note when she comes across nice scenery or backgrounds, and she will plan an outfit to match.

The herworldPLUS Street Style Awards run from April 6 to May 10, 2015. Post your photos on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #sgstreetstyleawards or submit your photos online at to join the herworldPLUS Street Style Awards 2015.