Stand a chance to win a new phone every day when you download and use Trezo, SPH’s latest app for people looking to buy or sell new or used items. 

Trezo, which has already amassed more than 5000 listings so far, is free of charge and super easy to use. Items are segmented into different categories (e.g. Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Gadgets & IT) for easy browsing, and buyers and sellers are not charged any commission whatsoever. Other features of the app include a private chat function, so you can haggle for a better price before committing to a purchase! 

As part of its launch, Trezo will be giving away 30 new phones (LG G-Flex 2, Samsung S6 Edge and iPhone 6) to users who post listings on the app – each valid post equates to one lucky draw chance. Winners will be drawn and announced daily from April 20 onwards. 

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android; find out more at