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Since 1960, Her World has stood as a trailblazing women’s publication that celebrates the lives and triumphs of remarkable Singapore women. To honour their achievements, the Her World Woman of the Year Award was established in 1991 – it has since emerged as one of the most esteemed and recognisable awards in the nation, boasting a prestigious line-up of winners from diverse industries

Past Women of the Year winners include Professor Jackie Ying, founding director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology; Ng Gim Choo, founder and chairwoman of Etonhouse International Education Group; and Susan Chong, CEO of Greenpac – all lauded for their remarkable achievements in advancing their industries in Singapore and globally.

Introduced in 1999 to celebrate extraordinary women aged 40 and below, the Her World Young Woman Achiever Award recognises exceptional young women who are unafraid to challenge limits, making significant strides and inspiring future generations.

Like our past honourees – lawyer, poet and playwright Amanda Chong, and Caecilia Chu, co-founder of fintech platform Youtrip – these women wield significant influence within their professional spheres, serving as inspirational figures within our community. 

Woman of the Year 2023 winner, Professor Jackie Ying, founder of A*Star’s NanoBio Lab and co-founder of Cellbae

Woman of the Year Award

The Her World Woman of the Year Award honours an extraordinary woman who stands at the pinnacle of her field. She is a visionary whose achievements have given rise to an everlasting change in the community.

– The candidate must represent and project the best of Singapore, at home or abroad.

– Her accomplishments should leave a lasting impression on others, and she should be an inspiration and role mode.

– Her exceptional achievements must have made a broad impact on society or an industry.

– She should be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Young Woman Achiever 2023 winner, Caecilia Chu, co-founder and CEO of YouTrip

Young Woman Achiever Award

The Her World Young Woman Achiever Award recognises an accomplished young woman who is unafraid to push boundaries. She has made significant strides in impacting those around her, paving the way for future generations.

– The candidate must be seen as an inspiration and role model to society.

– She should have demonstrated the potential to attain an even higher level of success in her chosen field.

– She is 40 years old or below at the point of nomination.

– She should be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Send your nominations to with “WOTY 2024 Nomination” in the subject header.