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Trixie started jewellery crafting at the age of 19 using pliers she found in her father’s toolbox. She would then put them up for sale on a blog.

“It gave me great joy knowing that I was able to make something with my bare hands and also earn extra pocket money,” she says.

She loved it so much that two years later, she started jewellery label By Invite Only. At first, the brand focused on chunky gemstones and statement pieces, but its style has since evolved, and it now creates pieces that are fuss-free and easy to wear. None of her pieces are made with potentially toxic materials such as nickel, lead and cadmium because Trixie suffers from sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and understands the impact.

“Our customers would let us know that they were very glad to have found the brand because they, too, have sensitive skin. Through this, we realised that what started as our brand philosophy transformed into our brand’s unique selling position.”

In the last two years, By Invite Only also stepped up its efforts to be more environmentally friendly. It now only works with factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative to ensure ethical and fair practices throughout their supply chain, and is offsetting carbon emissions for all orders with plastic-free packaging.

And business is expanding. Last year, By Invite Only acquired The Mindful Company after its founders announced they were shuttering.

Moving forward, apart from growing the business, Trixie intends to also focus on the growth of her team.

“Investing in our employees and providing them with what they need to do their job well is important to both me and my partner. When we take care of the people who work with us, they, in turn, take care of our customers.”

STYLING Debby Kwong
HAIR Aung Apichai, using Kevin.Murphy
MAKEUP Nikki Fu, using Urban Decay
FLOWERS Charlotte Puxley

Cotton top, and cotton pants, Kate Spade New York. Watch and jewellery, Trixie’s own

This article was first published in the April 2021 issue of Her World.