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#HerWorldHerStory: Singer Hashy Yusof, 22

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The singer-songwriter survived a health scare at 20 when doctors discovered a tumour near her spine. The life-changing ordeal has given her a new perspective on life.

Two years ago, at 20, I thought I had everything going for me until doctors discovered a tumour near my spine, during a medical check-up for my back pain. The health scare has since given me a new perspective on life.

Then, I was in a state of emotional turmoil when I first heard the news. I had to undergo the tumour removal operation within a week after I met with the doctors, for fear that any delay could affect my walking ability.

I asked myself, why did this happen to me? I’m only 20.

I was scared as the thought of death crossed my mind. The days leading up to the operation were my darkest moments.

I dropped out from The New Paper New Face 2016 contest to undergo the operation. It was the second competition I had joined, following my early exit from the 2013 The Final One singing contest, where I fell on my back while onstage.

Luckily, the operation was successful, and I was back on my feet in a month, and my then-boyfriend, Marc Than, proposed to me.

I joined the following year’s The New Paper New Face competition, where I was a finalist. Joining a competition again was to prove to myself that I could achieve something even after a life-changing ordeal.

It wasn’t about winning, fame or glory. It was a personal journey that gave me a lot of strength and determination I never knew I had, and to show myself that I could do something better than before.

And, one of my life goals is to explore new things that allow me to express myself creatively, such as songwriting.

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