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A life-altering and often traumatic experience, being diagnosed with cancer can be tough for both the person diagnosed and their loved ones. It reminds us of our own mortality and vulnerability, and in some cases, carries a social stigma, which can lead to feelings of isolation and discrimination. And while some of us are fortunate enough to lead a healthy life, there are others that are struggling to deal with the physical and emotional hardships. 

A prime example would be Singapore model, Ong Bee Yan. Having dealt with the loss of her uncle, mother, aunts and two cousins, you could only imagine how overwhelming it must be to be in her shoes. However, things took a turn for the worse when she got to know that her son, Chia Rong Liang, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in 2021. 

“Witnessing the toll that cancer and its treatments take on a person’s overall well-being, physically, emotionally, mentally, has been difficult – fluctuating energy levels, lack of appetite, frustration, sadness, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness.”

Ong Bee Yan

Having seen all these situations unfold before her, Ong Bee Yan was “motivated to bring positivity and hope to those struggling with cancer”. And as a model, she thought that it was only fitting that she shed some light on her cause with a runway show. She says, “we hope to inspire, encourage, empower those who are suffering from the illness and their loved ones, as well as to raise funds for a good cause.”

A cause close to home, Ong aims to raise $100,000 for her initiative, Fashion For Cancer 2023, of which half of the proceeds will go into cancer research and testing, while the rest of the proceeds will go into cancer patient support which will be used to financially aid local low-income individuals or families. 

To raise funds for the initiative, Ong will be organising a runway show on 25 August, where she will be having 16 cancer survivors from all walks of life, to strut down the runway donning the latest pieces from brands like In Good Company, Moss & Lupine and Charles & Keith. 

“For many, walking the runway is only a dream, which some won’t even dare dream of. Let alone the cancer survivors.”

Ong Bee Yan

As part of the event, attendees will be treated to live performances from vocalist Look Ru-Shin and cellist Tang I Shyan, and they will also get to bring home a goodie bag worth $330.

Alternatively, to show your support for the cause, you can also contribute by donating to or you can make a corporate donation to the NCCS Cancer Fund

Tickets to the Fashion For Cancer 2023 event are priced at $200 each and are now on sale on Eventbrite. The exclusive event is limited to 100 people. Visit the website here to get yours.