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Huda grew up amid her grandfather’s music collection and the inspiring presence of her late grandmother, who always told her she could be anything she wanted if she approached her dreams without fear.

Her mother introduced her to R&B, hip hop and all- girl synth-pop quartet Bond. Albeit a poor substitute for violin lessons, which they could not afford, it set her on her path in life. In school, Huda immersed herself in not just music, but also art, dance and drama.

“I wanted to explore all of it,” she says. After a modelling stint, in 2019, she signed up with AOR Management Inc., where she was mentored by singer and vocal trainer Mang. The same year, she sang and performed with Filipino music sensation Inigo Pascual on his video single Adios, which garnered 68K views. Her own single Bad Love followed in 2020, co-produced locally by beat- box artist Zadon and Lineath Rajendran.

Huda’s journey from living-room karaoke with her grandfather to becoming a singer in her own right, has been wrought with self-esteem issues, mixed reviews of her work and personal grief – she lost her grandmother to Alzheimer’s. But Huda carried on, urged by the people around her.

“I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have motivated and pushed me towards being an artist and singer. To have the freedom to create, share and connect with people through music is the best part of what I do,” she says. She’s looking forward to new sounds for herself and a new project that will be released soon.

STYLING Debby Kwong
HAIR Aung Apichai, using Kevin.Murphy
MAKEUP Nikki Fu, using Urban Decay
FLOWERS Charlotte Puxley

Cotton shirt dress and leather belt, 2 Moncler 1952

This article was first published in the April 2021 issue of Her World.