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In a world where time is both abundant and finite, it’s natural to ponder the significance of our existence. The Straits Times revealed that, on average, Singaporeans can expect to live around 83 years, granting us approximately 30,295 days to cherish, grow, and make our mark on the world. Yet, despite this seemingly vast expanse of time, many of us find ourselves yearning for more – a deeper sense of purpose, a richer array of experiences.

Finding Purpose

The journey to a fulfilling life begins with discovering our purpose – a north star that guides our actions and infuses our days with meaning. Contrary to popular belief, purpose isn’t reserved for the extraordinary; it can be found in the simplest of roles – a nurturing parent, a passionate entrepreneur, or a committed community member. The key lies in understanding what ignites our soul and aligning our endeavours accordingly. Research shows the benefits of purpose, ranging from enhanced well-being to increased longevity and even financial success.

Kendall Bronk, a researcher who directs the Adolescent Moral Development Lab at Claremont Graduate University, and her team came up with a framework to helping people derive purpose:

  1. Identify the things you care about – Reflect on what truly matters to you. What are your
    strengths, skills, and interests that could serve a greater good? What issues in your community tug at
    your heartstrings?
  2. Reflect on what matters most – Delve deep into your core beliefs and principles. How do these
    values shape your identity and influence your choices?
  3. Recognize your skills and talents – Recognize your innate gifts and talents. What activities bring
    you joy and fulfilment? How can you leverage your skills to leave a meaningful impact?
  4. Volunteer – Engage in acts of service that resonate with your passions. Volunteering not only
    benefits others but also provides invaluable insights into your own purpose.
  5. Imagine Your Best Possible Self – Paint a vivid picture of your ideal future self. What goals do
    you aspire to achieve? What legacy do you wish to leave behind?
  6. Positive Emotions Like Gratitude – Foster a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for life’s
    blessings. By savouring the present moment, we become more attuned to sources of meaning and
  7. Look to the People You Admire – Draw inspiration from mentors and role models who embody
    the values and virtues you admire. Their guidance can illuminate your path to personal fulfilment.

Be Intentional

With each passing day of our 30,295-day journey, let us be intentional in our pursuits, and mindful of the moments that shape our story. Write down your values, determine what makes your heart swell, and where you derive the most energy. We get but one life, so make it significant, and live it to the fullest.

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Shireena Shroff Manchharam

Shireena Shroff Manchharam is a Her World Tribe member, the founder and principal consultant of Sheens Image Consulting, and the founder and creator of Getting to Happy, a mental health movement to inspire our community and society to live happier, more mindful lives.