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The concept of impact is multifaceted. For some, it embodies the essence of making a difference, for others, it could mean leaving a lasting impression on the world. To discover what it means to have impact, we ask five Her World Tribe women for their perspectives. Their stories remind us that impact can take many forms, and it is within our reach to make a positive difference in the world, no matter our background or circumstances.

Yvonne Mak, chairperson, Young Women’s Leadership Connection (YWLC)

“I believe that true impact empowers and inspires others towards positive action.”

Trina Liang-Lin, managing director, Sidra Capital

“Impact, like the butterfly effect, is non-linear. A small thing that you choose to do may become life-changing for the recipient. So, never underestimate your impact for good in this world.”

Sharul Channa, comedian

“Once you have come into your own and have established yourself in your profession, you hold the power and the responsibility to impact the women of future generations. Be kind and patient to the younger generation to give them hope and inspiration for the future. Choose wisely, and always remember that the way you have impacted a younger woman will determine how you’ll be remembered in years to come.”

Leanne Robers, co-founder and co-CEO of She Loves Tech

“The true measure of technology isn’t in the code we write or the technologies we create; it’s in the lives we change with this technology, the barriers we break, and the future we forge for women everywhere.” –

Mary Victor, makeup artist and body positivity advocate

“[The word] impact is about understanding what makes us human, and sharing the vulnerable aspects of yourself for others to remember or embrace!”

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