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They may come from different industries and diverse backgrounds, but the eight mentors with Her World’s inaugural Mentorship Programme have plenty in common: For one, they are keen to lend their insights and advice from their own journeys.

Many of them have also had non-linear career paths, sometimes taking leaps of faith to land their biggest breakthroughs. Others have struggled with being the only woman in the room, or juggling the realities of being a mother, wife, and daughter. We hear from our mentors directly, and learn how the power of mentorship has helped in their own careers.

Bipasha Minocha, group chief marketing officer, Etonhouse International Education Group

While Bipasha has established a successful career as group chief marketing officer with Etonhouse International Education Group, she wasn’t always in the education sector. Before taking a short break from the workforce after becoming a mum in 2005, the veteran marketer was working in an e-commerce portal back when digital marketing was still in its infancy. The turning point in her career happened unexpectedly in 2005.

“When my family’s move from India to Singapore coincided with me being a new mum, I decided to equip myself to take on the most important job in my life: being a parent. I changed track from brand and communications to education, and committed to a qualification in Early Childhood,” she shares.

In 2007, Bipasha joined Etonhouse as a brand manager, and in the course of 15 years, she has moved from being the only person in marketing to leading a team of 40 marketing and admissions professionals. She became brand director in 2011, group brand and marketing director in 2018, and group chief marketing officer in 2022.

She says: “I was fortunate that my career evolved, and my job scope included a blend of my passions in both marketing and education. What was deeply satisfying was that the journey evolved into a personal one as well, where my job also helped me to become a better parent.”

What do you hope to achieve as a mentor?

A mentor is also someone who understands your personal and professional aspirations, and is able to give you holistic and meaningful advice. I want to be that person for someone; to positively impact someone.

Can you describe your proudest career moment?

Going back to studying after years of working can be challenging. I took up a professional qualification in Early Childhood soon after moving to Singapore in 2006. It was a completely new profession and skill set that I had to develop, and I had no income.

The turning point was when the course helped make a positive impact on my parenting journey. I learnt to respect my child as an individual, instead of someone I had to mould. I persevered through it all and came out top of my class, with some excellent offers to start a new path in my professional journey.

Do you have any tips for our mentees?

We spend many hours working out goals and outcomes for the companies we work for, but often forget to plan for our own future. My advice would be to start now, and plan not just for the short term, but also for the medium and long term.

About the Her World Mentorship Programme

Whether you’re just starting out or at a crossroads in your career, Her World’s Mentorship Programme connects mentees with influential women who are leaders in their respective fields. Besides professional development, one stands to build valuable connections as well as gain professional insight and female support from this peer community.

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