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ANTM hairstyles

Photo: America’s Next Top Model

Remember that one America’s Next Top Model episode in every cycle where judge Tyra Banks would surprise the models with a hair makeover? Sometimes, it would turn out decent and the models eventually get used to their new look, and even rock it, but in other cases, the models are left in a dramatic mess of tears and chopped locks.

With Jeric Salon, Bugis Junction in charge of the makeovers for the Project M models, founder Jeric himself personally chose which hairstyles would suit the models. Jeric mentioned that models usually come in with uncoloured long, thick hair, making it look shapeless and boring. “Hairstyles are important for models because giving them a new image, especially in this competition, will make them look outstanding and different,” he shared. “I want them to show off their facial features, their presence and confidence when they walk down the runway.”




jeric hair salon

Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


Despite supermodels sticking to their signature hairstyles, such as Karlie Kloss’ blonde locks or Gisele Bundchen’s beachy waves, Jeric believes models should be versatile and adapt to the looks hairstylists believe are best for them. Fortunately, the Project M contestants did not have to endure such drastic changes to their hair so they were not agonizing over their new looks. Two of them share how they feel about their new do’s and their newfound confidence.


Esmond Lim, 20

esmond lim

Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


20-year-old Esmond sported an entirely new hair colour, a stark difference to his previous black hair. His fringe was also cut shorter and the hair stylist thinned his hair to make it look more layered.


hair makeover

Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


Having never dyed his hair before, the Republic Polytechnic student was surprised by his blonde locks, calling it “unusual.” As he hardly ever styles his hair, he has taken a liking to his new do and is excited to debut it in the competition.



Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


“I think models sometimes won’t have the same confidence they would have after cutting and dyeing their hair but to me, I don’t really mind because eventually, it will grow out,” Esmond shares his feelings about hair makeovers.


Caen Loh, 18


Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


The Ngee-Ann Polytechnic student ditched her straight tresses for a perm with highlights and bangs to fit her long face. Caen has admitted she hasn’t cut bangs in a very long time and this is also her first experience dyeing her hair.


hair makeover 2

Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


The 18-year-old was afraid the hair makeover would affect her confidence as a model because she would not know how to work the new hairstyle, such as learning new angles or finding out what suits for her face shape. However, she was satisfied with her makeover because “it gives me a fresh look and the varying tones in my hair adds colour to my skin.”



Photo: Nurhuda Halim, Her World


Caen acknowledges that drastic hair makeovers come with the job but she is willing to work it out as the decisions come from a professional’s point of view. “If a professional felt I would look good in a certain hairstyle, like cutting my hair short or dyeing my hair a weird colour, I would just go with it, because I believe and trust them.”

She hopes that with her new look, she can show off a better, fiercer side of her and win the competition.


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