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Eugenia Ye-Yeo and Wendy Koh

In a world where talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t, mentors can provide guidance and support, cultivate confidence, and share their knowledge to help foster growth in a positive direction. This is why Her World launched its mentorship programme this year. At its core, the inaugural programme connects mentees with influential women who are leaders in their respective fields.

The pairing process started late last year. We shortlisted eight mentors, extraordinary women who have overcome obstacles, and are keen to pay it forward by sharing their knowledge, and paired them with 11 mentees.

We hear from marquage artist Wendy Koh on her experience being mentored by Eugenia Ye-Yeo, founder of Nodspark.

What was your first impression of each other?

Eugenia Ye-Yeo (EY): When we first met, my first impression, just based on looks, was that she seemed a bit shy and reserved. But as the meeting progressed, she loosened up very quickly. 

We’ve met two or three times since, and with each physical meet-up, I have seen her confidence really blossom. 

Mentors Wan Shan Loo, Puiyan Leung, Kanak Muchhal, Fannie Lim, Eugenia Ye-Yeo, Bipasha Minocha and Sabrina Ho with editor in chief of Her World Elizabeth Lee (fourth from the left)

Wendy Koh (WK): We met for coffee and, before going in, I felt a bit nervous. I mentally prepared myself for what I wanted to say and how to navigate the conversation. Being an introvert by nature, I didn’t want to come across as too quiet or awkward. However, when we met, it felt like all the pieces came together quite easily. It felt like I had known her before. She was very welcoming and kind, trying to ease me into the whole mentorship programme.

My first impression of her was that she was bubbly and extremely generous in her sharing. Imparting knowledge can be different for everyone, but she shares her knowledge in a way that helps you grow. It’s not just about spoon-feeding, but she gives you guidance, so that you can be an active participant in your own growth journey.

How did the mentorship impact your personal and professional development, and what did you learn from each other?

EY: [Mentoring Wendy] reminded me of my journey, and brought back memories of having that kind of energy. As entrepreneurs, we can get a bit jaded, so I think it’s refreshing to see how she assesses things. 

There were many things I could pick up from her, including how she makes decisions quickly. I was in awe of her sharpness and ability to discern things. 

WK: In the beginning, I worked with some influencers, but it didn’t really take off. 

However, Eugenia helped me change my mindset. She encouraged me to try reaching out and talking to people again, because she knows from her own experience that it can work. She pointed me in a different direction, suggesting that not all key opinion leaders operate within the same niche. 

Meeting Eugenia allowed me to revisit some things that I had considered failures, and close that chapter. Now, I have a waiting list of around six months, which is amazing. It came about because more people know about me.

The programme’s ability to match mentors with diverse experiences and backgrounds to the needs of the mentees is impressive.

Wendy Koh

What are your thoughts on the Her World Mentorship programme? 

EY: What I really like about the programme is that it includes people from all walks of life. It’s about championing and supporting women. 

WK: When I entered the mentorship programme, I had a specific mindset focused on how it could help me in my business. However, during the last events and meeting other mentees, I realised that everyone is at different phases in their lives. They are seeking guidance and help in various aspects beyond just their business. 

It opened my mind to the fact that there are other areas, such as personal growth, mindset, and career growth, where mentorship can be beneficial. The programme’s ability to match mentors with diverse experiences and backgrounds to the needs of the mentees is impressive. It helped broaden my perspective.

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