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In Singapore’s dynamic sports scene, agility isn’t just about speed. It’s the dance of strength and precision and a symphony of resilience. Here, four of Singapore’s top female athletes reveal what agility truly means to them.

Shayna Ng, three-time world bowling champion

“As a sportsperson, agility is the key element to success. As an athlete, we equip ourselves with various technical, tactical and even mental skills, but it will all be for nothing if we don’t utilise them at an opportune time. In a sporting/ competitive environment, the stakes are always changing, and we need to be agile and flexible to adapt to different scenarios in order to succeed.”

Farhanna Farid, two-time Asian powerlifting champion and a four-time national champion

“To me, agility represents the notion of being fluid and nimble. She who is of open mind and heart has the ability to pivot seamlessly, and harness the chaos around her.”

Amita Berthier, three-time SEA Games gold medallist and the first Singaporean fencer to qualify for the Olympics

“Agility is about a nimble mind and body. For me, agility creates opportunities to think of solutions in trying moments, and to never feel that there are no options. Agility gives one the power to control one’s movements and thoughts.”

Yip Pin Xiu, five-time Paralympic swimming gold medallist

“Agility comes in many forms, and I strive for agility both mentally and physically. Mentally to be quick-thinking and adaptable, come whatever situation. Physically to be fast, and to be the best athlete I can be.”