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Delve into the world of Maison Christian Dior and discover the fragrances loved by the stars

Asia Pacific’s first Maison Christian Dior in an airport opens at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Transit Hall

While the bulk of us will not spend many a sleepless night pondering what “Crazy Rich Asians” star Pierre Png and Sing!China finalist Joanna Dong smell like. For those of you who do, thankfully, they blessed us with this knowledge at the grand opening of Maison Christian Dior at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Transit Hall on Apr 2, 2018. It is the first of its kind to be created in an airport in the Asia Pacific region.

Speaking at the grand opening, Pierre shared that his perfume of choice is the La Colle Noire – an amalgamation of spices, woods, amber and musks. While Pierre opted for a more powdery scent, Joanna went with a warm nutty fragrance, Happy Hour that reminded her of “her favourite time of the day.”   

In addition to the aforementioned fragrances, you will also be able to find 18 other signature fragrances from the fashion house including bestsellers like The Cashmere, Lucky and Sakura, together with candles and “Mitzah” – a collection of beautiful silk scarves designed for perfuming and have been made to create an olfactory aura that best suits you.

Housed in an elegant and homely space of white marble, polished concrete and warm parquet flooring, you can take your time to test out the range and consult the retail staff on the history and inspiration of each scent to determine which scent works for you.