Top 5 Sexiest Pop Culture Teachers

With smokin’ hot teachers like these, we would gladly pay attention in class.

It’s Teacher’s Day week and while we replay fond memories of our favourite teachers in our minds, we can’t help but wish they more looked like the teachers in Hollywood than the ones in Dorksville – a little nurturing, a tad geeky and a whole lot sexy. It may not have helped with our grades, but it would definitely have helped with our attendance and attention span.

Here are five who would get us back into a classroom faster than you can say “A-B-C”.

Sexiest-1 Justin Timberlake (Mr Scott Delacorte in Bad Teacher)

In Bad Teacher, Timberlake’s substitute teacher is the object of two women’s affections, one of whom is Cameron Diaz, and if that doesn’t spell hot, we don’t know what does. Plus, he-who-dated-Britney-Spears brought sexy back and has recently been spotted back together with one of Hollywood’s hottest ladies – Jessica Biel. This multi-hyphenate definitely can’t get any sexier than he already is.

Ian Harding (Mr Ezra Fitz in Pretty Little Liars)

He has his on-screen student (played by Lucy Hale) crushing on him like a schoolgirl. Oh wait, she IS a schoolgirl! Their secret relationship, like all forbidden fruit, intrigues us and makes him even hotter in our books. His charming and slightly goody-two-shoes ways also got us wishing that he would pay us some attention too.

Matthew Davis (Mr Alaric Saltzman in Vampire Diaries)

As history teacher Alaric Saltzman, Davis is part educator and part vampire crew. His brooding good looks made us sit up and notice him while he fights to protect the people he love, even if it means working with two vampires and walking around town with a cross-bow.

Ryan Eggold (Mr Ryan Matthews in 90210)

Not the most straight-laced of all teachers, Eggold shows that he’s only human when he falls for a student’s blonde and leggy sister. His penchant for alcohol on the show also makes us feel better about not being perfect. We also can’t help but swoon a little every time he flashes his cheeky bad boy smirk.

Ryan Gosling (Mr Dan Dunne in Half Nelson)

There’s something about Gosling that gets to us. His soulful puppy-dog eyes always seem to make him look wounded or that he needs someone to swoop in to save him. In Half Nelson, he plays a high school teacher with a drug habit and forges a bond with one of his students. Even when playing a drugged-out junkie, those blue eyes ooze sex appeal.