Tickets to Men’s Fashion Week being given away!

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Not only will Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012 (MFW12) be featuring some of the hottest Asian models working the runways, but the awesome organisers are even bringing in some super-hot K-Pop and J-Pop stars.

Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012 - cnblue Lee Jung Shin
Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012 Se7en

So far we’ve got CNBlue band member Lee Jung Shin (pictured above top), 16-year-old guitar whiz Sungha Jung, Korean-American singer Megan Lee, a trio called 8eight that has been referred to as Korea’s Black Eyed Peas, Japanese actors Tanihara Shosuke and Kamiji Yusuke, male model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk, Korean singer Se7en (pictured above) – part of the same company as superstars Big Bang – Korean-American rock band Royal Pirates as well as Japanese singer-composer H Zett M, all confirmed for either appearances or performances during the event.

Organisers have also just announced that massively popular Japanese A-List actor/model Shōsuke Tanihara – named “Top 10 Most Handsome & Recognizable Man in Japan” apparently – will also be attending MFW12, as well as Bie from Thailand.

We’re still waiting to hear who else is on their way – apparently there is one more “mega” K-Pop band, one more top supermodel and one more “mega” J-Pop band to be announced, so stay tuned.

In order to win one of the 200 tickets to Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012 that are being given away, all you need to do is follow @FideFashionWeek and Retweet their post about the ticket giveaway, and also “Like” the event’s Facebook page at Good Luck!

Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012 will be held from April 18-22 at Marina Bay Sands, Convention Hall F. For more information about the various labels and events that will be happening, go to