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Bye, Felicia: Heed these warning signs that it’s time to break up with your toxic friend

She could be taking you for granted or even bringing you down with her vindictiveness. Whatever the reasons, don't be afraid to slam the door on a friendship if it just ain’t working out

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Unless you’re an actual member of the Spice Girls, only a few friendships last a lifetime; others, a lot less. Even if you've known your BFF for years, there may come a time when things change. Don't be afraid to cut out friends that no longer contribute positively to your life – or, worse, those that make you feel bad about yourself. Here are six signs it's time to break-up with your friend.

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Things Are Getting Negative

If you find that every interaction with her leaves you angry, anxious or just downright pissed off about something or other she’s said, she probably isn't the sort of friend you want to be with anymore.

She Makes No Effort

So you're always the one arranging catch-ups, right down to the where and when. In fact, she hardly ever initiates contact, even via text; it's always you who makes the first move. Relationships should always go two ways, and friendships are no exception. If she makes no effort to keep in touch with you, you're better off without her in your life.

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She's Too Competitive

Some form of competition is healthy, but if she's constantly pitting her life against yours – and ‘humble-bragging’ about the superiority of hers – she isn't behaving like a friend. She could be making you feel inadequate to assuage her own insecurities, but don't let her get to you because what she's doing isn't normal, and certainly not worthy of your friendship.

You're Always Reminiscing

Every time you meet, you spend hours talking about when you were both in secondary school. It's great to grow up together and share the various phases of life with each other but there has to be more to a friendship than shared memories from a distant past. Sometimes, we feel obligated to keep speaking to people who have been in our lives for a long time, but that doesn't mean you can't stop seeing them. If every conversation you have is about the past, perhaps that's where you should leave your friendship, too. It's normal to grow apart and people do change over time, so don't cling onto a friendship just because you have a shared history. 

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She Ditches You When She's Attached

When you meet a new man, it's understandable to want to spend most of your free time with him. But if you've known her for years and she's always ditching you the minute she meets someone – and then comes crawling back to you after they break up and acts as if nothing has happened – it could be time for you to do the dumping instead. Her pattern of ignoring you when she has a boyfriend is a sign that she takes you for granted and doesn't feel the need to make you a priority in her life, so why accord her any importance in yours?

She's a Drama Queen

It's fun to have a friend like this because there's always something exciting going on, but it can be exhausting after a while: She could be calling you regularly for help in situations she shouldn't be getting herself into or inviting you to exciting escapades that you no longer have the energy for. Or maybe she just loves stirring the pot, just to enjoy the drama of it all. Life is too short to spend with people who’re always itching for drama, so say bye-bye to her right now.