Staying in this Valentine's day? These 10 romance films are perfect for "Netflix and chill"

Catching a rom-com on Valentine's day could mean a larger than usual crowd at the cinemas, so if you're looking to avoid populated malls and long queues for tickets, try these titles from the comforts of your own home

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The modern day dating lingo has shifted significantly. Now we’re seeing fruits and vegetables (we’re looking at you, aubergine) pop up, and the slang “netflix and chill” has worked itself into the urban vernacular.

This Valentine’s Day, sit back with your partner and turn on the telly for some good and entertaining shows that will make you laugh, cry and everything in between. Whether your eyes stay on the screen is another matter, but we give you 10 titles (from Netflix and other avenues) to keep the mood going.


1. 50 First Dates

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It’s been remade a few times and that alone is testament to the allure of this 2004 love story. When philandering Henry Roth unexpectedly falls in love with Lucy Whitmore, he wasn’t ready for the catch — Lucy has short term memory loss, to the point where she can’t remember anything that happened the day before.

The determined Henry, played by the goofy yet charming Adam Sandler, vows to win her over every day hence. Everybody say awww.

Where to watch: Netflix


2. Titanic 

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This behemoth of a production needs no introduction. From iconic lines (“Draw me like one of your French girls.”), to iconic poses (“I’m flying!”), James Cameron weaved an epic fictional love story into the real-life tragedy, and changed pop culture forever with its impact.

It might be a little cheesy, but this 1997 classic will still make emotional waves with every viewing as the cruise ship sinks into the heart of the ocean.

Where to watch: Apple iTunes


3. The Notebook

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No, this is not a story about a laptop, you screen junkie. What you’ll find instead, is a tender and touching story of two young lovers pulled apart by war and class differences.

This age-old case of separation tugs at the heartstrings with an engaging script, and played to perfection by its good-looking leads Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (who went on to date for years after the 2004 film was released). It gets the tear ducts going good, so be ready with those tissues!

Where to watch: Netflix


4. Moulin Rouge 

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It’s sassy, spirited and spectacular. Luc Besson’s visionary 2001 musical fused the drama of the cabaret with iconic pop tunes and delivered a trippy, giddy performance one has to see to believe.

Ewan Mcgregor and Nicole Kidman surprise us with their competent singing voices, as they play out the tumultuous love story of a poor writer and a star courtesan — accompanied by infectious tunes — the two songbirds live out their love, come what may.

Where to watch: Apple iTunes


5. Stardust

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Have you ever heard a star curse? You can’t expect anything less from author Neil Gaiman. This 2007 commercial remake of his bestselling fantasy title is a not your average fairytale, even if it does contain vain witches, flying pirate ships and a very irritable Claire Danes as a fallen star.

See how a hapless lad trying to fulfil his reckless promise to his sweetheart, finds love coming from an unexpected, cosmic place amidst some twisted adventures. A sweet and heartwarming film.

Where to watch: Netflix


6. Date Night

Photo: Instagram/ behind_the_screen_reviews

People will do anything when they can’t get a reservation. In the case of the Fosters, they pretend to be another couple — the Tripplehorns. Except that the Tripplehorns happen to be dabbling in some shady business.

An innocent fib becomes a madcap escape from hired killers, and the hilarious liners from Steve Carell and Tina Fey make this 2010 film about a comedic pair of unintentional fugitives a riot to watch. 

Where to watch: Netflix


7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

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Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett are reasons enough to watch this unbelievable tale and epic love story. Just imagine — how do you love someone who is growing younger while you yourself are growing old?

This mind-bending tale throws up some real philosophical what-ifs but still keeps the romance going. It may seem like a doomed relationship but the ending of this 2008 movie is one of surprising hope and connection that lasts the ages.

Where to watch: Apple iTunes


8. Her 

Photo: Instagram/ vapidfilmreviews

In this age of social media, strong human connections seem to be getting more brittle and rare. And with artificial intelligence algorithms more advanced than ever, would it be so hard to believe one could fall in love with one? Spike Jonze directs this 2013 riveting piece that scrutinises the human condition and what makes love, love.

It’s achingly beautiful, like a glorious sunset, as we follow the inner discoveries of Theodore Twombly (played by Joaquin Phoenix), who begins a relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


9. Somewhere In Time 

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We’ve heard love can move mountains, but in the case of Richard Collier, his can make him travel through time. The incredible Christopher Reeves stars in this 1980 sci-fi cult hit, but rest assured the romance is very real.

If you like your Inception, this period drama bends quantum laws to make you think twice about your own dedication to love. The love story is accompanied by a haunting soundtrack by John Barry.

Where to watch: Apple iTunes


10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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In a parallel universe of ours, Joel (Jim Carrey) seeks out a company that has created the technology to — get this — erase any portion of your memories as per your request.

The broken-hearted fella begins the process to eradicate all the experiences he’s had with his ex, Clementine (Kate Winslet), before realising maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Director Michel Gondry creates a bittersweet piece that will linger long after the credits roll.

Where to watch: Netflix