Travelling to Korea in the summer? Here are some cooler spots to visit to beat the heat

From crystal-clear beaches to gazing over the East Sea's horizon on top of the mountain, here are some activities to try during Korea's summer season

Photo: Korea Tourism Organisation

From June through August, it is summer in Korea and time for fun vacations and outings with family and friends. According to the Korea Tourism Organisation, here's how you can escape to a cooler spot and beat the heat.


A world of fascinating trees in Damyang

Photo: Korea Tourism Organisation

In the heart of Jeollanam-do rests the peaceful town of Damyang, where the solitary forest of bamboo trees known as Juknokwon is spread across about 31ha.

It is a must-see attraction for those needing some rest, relaxation and mind-soothing meditation.

The forest, opened in May 2003, has eight themed paths totalling 2.4km.

Walk through the paths that meander through this quiet, peaceful haven as you take in the sounds and smells.


Rejuvenating retreat in Sokcho

Photo: Korea Tourism Organisation

This popular vacation destination is located on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula and occupies a large portion of Gangwon-do, where people come to enjoy sunbathing on long golden beaches as they gaze over the East Sea's horizon.

The area of Sokcho includes what is considered to be the most beautiful mountain in Korea, Seoraksan, which was designated a natural monument preservation area in 1965.

Although the slopes are very steep, many professional and amateur climbers come to test their ability throughout the seasons.

For those not into serious hiking, the easiest way to get up the mountain is by taking a cable car that connects Sogongwon Park and Gwongeumseong Fortress.

After hopping off the cable car, you only need to complete a 300m walk to reach the fortress.From there, you may catch breathtaking views of the Ulsanbawi Rock of Seoraksan Mountain. Also, a mere 10-minute walk from Sogongwon Park will lead you to Sinheungsa Temple, which makes it a good trail for visitors to take a leisure walk.


Emerald waters of Haeundae Beach, Busan



Haeundae Beach is perhaps the best-known beach in the country. The waters are shallow and there is little change in tide, making it perfect for swimming. It's also famous for its views of the sunrise and moonrise.

Dalmaji-gil Road, located between Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach, is another recommended spot for a romantic view of the moonlight glistening off the water's surface.


Crystal-clear Hyeopjae Beach, Jeju Island

Photo: Korea Tourism Organisation

This is one of the best beaches on Jeju Island for swimmers, where tiny shells in the sand give the beach a silver sheen and make for a firm feel that is perfect for long walks along the water's edge.

Hallim Park, a major tourist attraction, is only five minutes away on foot and is landscaped with an abundance of subtropical plants and topiaries.

Hyeopjae is all the more beautiful because of the black basalt rocks to one side and the view of Biyangdo Island stretching out in the distance.


This article was first published at The New Paper.