The Banjaran 

If you’ve been looking for a getaway to splurge on, this is the one. According to their webpage, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is “cradled by 260 million-year old towering Paleozoic limestone hills, verdant rainforest, rejuvenating geothermal hot springs, natural caves and cascading waterfalls.” Well, we’re sold!

It is as exquisite and relaxing as it sounds. You lose a sense of time when you’re there and your mind absolutely slips away with the help of their many amenities. Just a little teaser of what awaits you – geothermal hot springs dipping pools, a thermal steam cave, a crystal cave and even a fish pool that leaves your skin exfoliated and rejuvenated. You can stay in one of the three villa types which include a garden, water and lake villa. Each of them come with a bubbly, warm jacuzzi!

We say head to this exceptionally serene hideout and leave the young ones (they only allow children above 12 years-old) and make this the ultimate getaway. A Valentine’s Day treat maybe?  

Rate: From RM1344/ night




Putting a modern twist to guesthouses, the 45Lekiu at Malacca offers a distinctive design to your luxurious accommodation. Expect a cosy, inviting atmosphere at the guesthouse that pays tribute to the city’s rich tapestry that adds to the quaintness and nostalgia.

The house is stylish and breathtaking to the little details – textured brick walls, luscious bathrooms and a mix of both vintage and modern furniture that complement each other. Outside your bedroom door, a grand, antique glass chandelier hangs above the stairway. A few of the perks include a lap pool, a garden, an oversized bathtub and even a roof garden.

Bookings are extremely limited, so fastest fingers first!

Rate: From RM1499/ night





Puncak Rimba

Another exclusive escapade for the true nature lovers. Set alongside the charming hills of Janda Baik, the Puncak Rimba estate, owned by Datuk A Shazilly Bakti, is a rather private and exclusive one, which is probably why you haven’t heard of it. It’s a cluster of seven villas, that are surrounded by an abundant stretch of orchards and forest. 

You’ll realise how rich in history the villa’s designs are – there’s a mix of aesthetics and design elements from the Nusantara region that give it a one-of-a-kind, yet appealing look. Then there’s little hints of the culture with decorative elements like a wooden congkak, Dutch lamps and bamboo furniture. The villas come prepped with a rustic kitchen, so you have all you need to cook up a storm. There’s even a pond for you to fish at!

Since Puncak Rimba is an estate, staying there and finding out the rates would require a different process – message them through their social media platforms or send them an email. Is it worth the tedious process? Definitely.



Amara Sanctuary Sentosa

We get it if you’re a tad exhausted and prefer having a staycation. So if you’re truly looking for a stress-free stay in busy bustling Singapore, head to Amara Sanctuary that’s right at the edge of Palawan beach at Sentosa. 

The white, sandy beach it sits on complements the resort’s fresh interiors, which have elements of colonial-style architecture. You could stay at the deluxe room, but if you’re going all out – get the courtyard suite that comes with a steamy personal jacuzzi. Most of the rooms have an aesthetic all-white interior, with wooden features here and there to add to the luxe look. When you wake up in the morning the sunlight peeps through the shutters and the cicadas’ song fills the air. You could step out to your balcony where an exquisite view awaits you, walk over to the beach for a romantic picnic, or go for a private pilates session that’ll help you tone your body as you admire the South China sea. 

Rate: From S$450/ night



*Hotel rates are as of Feb 7 2018.