5 reasons you need to do a weekend staycay at Ann Siang House

This restored shophouse turned boutique hotel is a perfect second home for people who want a trendy yet nostalgic staycay in town

Ann Siang House

Photo: Instagram / @wearohwhere

Ann Siang House is one of the newer boutique hotels this year, even though the building itself dates all the way back to the earlier part of the twentieth century.

It used to be a clan house where early Chinese immigrants would socialise over mahjong and opera performances. It later became a shophouse before being converted into what it is today – a beautiful 20-suite boutique hotel that is part quirky, part relaxing, part trendy, and part homely.

If that sounds like a mixed bag of contradictions, let us break it down for you. Read on to find out about the different elements about Ann Siang House which make it great.

1) The basics: All the right amenities you need for a lazy day in are provided

Ann Siang House

Photo: Instagram / @annsianghouse

First off, and most importantly, if you want a good staycay, you’d want to be able to stay in all day under the cosy sheets without getting bored.

Well, Ann Siang House has got the basics down good. Free wifi? Check. A Bluetooth speaker system so you can blast beats from your phone? Mm hmm. And a smart TV so you can watch movies or stream YouTube from a big screen? Yaaas.

2) The trendy: All the hot restaurants are literally downstairs

Blue Label Pizza

Photo: Blue Label Pizza

And we’re not just talking about the in-house Blue Label Pizza & Wine or Perbacco.

We’re talking about Ann Siang Hill where you could get delicious coffee and brunch in the mornings (PS.Cafe is just down the street) or go bar hopping at night (Oxwell & Co. as well as Operation Dagger – the 24th best bar in the world – are just a stone’s throw away)

If you venture a little further you’ll find various authentic Spanish, Italian and French places, as well as many cool bars. Since you’re taking it slow and easy for a staycay why not take the time to explore your options before settling down for a meal or some drinks?

Pro-tip: If you want to do something new, try catching a film at The Screening Room down the street – a boutique theatre-slash-rooftop-bar where you can sip on wine while watching a flick.


3) The relaxing: Bathtubs, rain showers, and a package to pamper yourself

Ann Siang House

Photo: Instagram / @annsianghouse

If you’re getting a suite (the best type of room in the building), you’ll have a bathtub in your bathroom. Now this is especially awesome when you treat yo’self to the rejuvenation package from Ann Siang House, which is basically a package with all the good things you would want to pamper yourself with.

With the rejuvenation package, your room will be stocked with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. infusion teas, handmade bath bombs from Lush, steam eye masks and essential oils too. It’d be like your own spa day.

If you’re not getting a suite, know that every other room is fitted with a rain shower, which is ideal for long, hot and relaxing showers.

4) The homely: You can cook in your room

Ann Siang House

Photo: Instagram / @annsianghouse

Some of the rooms are meant for longer stays (executive and suite), so they come equipped with a kitchenette. There’s a grocery shop within walking distance (just ask the staff for directions), or order groceries in using an app.

Maybe you could surprise your partner with hot pancakes in bed, or rustle up some quick snacks for a movie marathon.

5) The quirky: Unique room designs, decor (and a drink)

Ann Siang House

Photo: Instagram / @annsianghouse

Bespoke furniture is used in every room, so no room is like the other.

If you’re in a suite, you’ll see that the room is elongated (pictured here), which might seem odd at first till you realise it’s like that so you can get as much natural light from as many windows as possible. We love this nice touch.

And unlike many other hotels, you’ll find cosy little communal sitting areas in the hallways, where you could kick up your feet and read a book if you feel like hanging outside of your room.

Our favourite spot to hang in the hotel is CULT, a little pop-up cafe in the lounge downstairs. You can chill on the plush upholstered armchairs as you enjoy a brew.

We recommend the Dirty Harry, a quirky concoction of chocolate, and coffee infused with osmanthus flowers and black matcha (matcha that’s been roasted till it’s black). It tastes great, and the taste of osmanthus somehow shines through the velvety chocolate while matcha adds an earthy flavour to it.

Ann Siang House is at 28 Ann Siang Rd.