Take our quiz to find out if you are too stressed out!

Stress seems to be a widespread epidemic in our modern society. Take our quiz find out if your stress levels are sounding alarm bells and how you can fix it


What is stress?

Stress is something that we have all experience but, what exactly is it? There are many definitions to the term. Fundamentally, stress is described as a physical response from your body that is caused as a result from demanding situations that interferes with your normal physiological well-being.

Measure your stress level with the uLove Stress Quiz

Are you constantly in a state of tension and anxiety? Take our test to find out if you need to sit back and chill out and get a handle on your stress levels. Read the questions carefully. For every ‘yes’, award yourself with one point. For every , ‘no’ deduct one point. Add your scores and refer to the analysis below to find out how you have fared.

uLove Stress Quiz by OSIM



Don’t let your stress manifest!

Stress is built up overtime, so always keep them in check.

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