Stand-up comedian Rob Schneider tickles everyone’s funny bone

Rob Schneider, the American stand-up comedian and veteran of the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, was in Singapore recently to give everybody a good laugh, and boy, he did a great job

Rob Schneuder.png

You know someone is funny when he has had a crowd of over 1,000 people laughing away during a performance.

Rob Schneider, the 49-year-old star of various comedies like Deuce Bigalow: The European Gigolo, Grown Ups and more, was in Singapore on Saturday, October 26, 2013, for a one-night only live stand-up comedy performance.

Held in The Stars Arts Theatre at the Star Vista, the theatre was filled with 1,500 people buzzing in excitement for the performance, some even wearing Halloween costumes ‒ presumably because they were heading to a party after the show, and not because they thought it was appropriate dress for a comedy show!

Hossan Leong.png

Opening the show that night was none other than Singapore comedian Hossan Leong, who warmed the audience up with a short performance of a medley of ‘80s songs by iconic singers like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and Kylie Minogue’s “Lucky”.

Rob Schneider, a petite man in comparison to Leong, kicked off the show by making a playful dig at the local comedian; “You give an Asian man a microphone, he’ll sing karaoke eventually.”

Schneider then went on to show his decent grasp of the Cantonese dialect (as well as his love for dim sum), as he commented on how dim sum is making him “f***ing fat” and imitating the owners of a dim sum stall with almost-perfect precision, causing the theatre to burst into an uproar of laughter, especially those who understood the dialect.

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Chuckles were heard all around the theatre as Schneider berated Singapore’s cost of living as well, an issue all of us can understand.

“Singapore is a beautiful place if you can afford to live here,” he mused, garnering laughter and knowing nods from the crowd, “You guys have a hotel with a boat on top of it! And $265 room service for a sandwich!”

Schneider then went on to “diss” gender stereotypes, which consisted of a lot of sex jokes, with the comedian even using his mike to imitate a flaccid male member at one point of the show to show a man’s sexual prowess at his age – none. Women were not spared either, as Schneider playfully attacked their “inability” to speak up when they are unhappy and instead expect their male counterparts to know when they have a problem.

“Women, if you have a physical and mental breakdown, tell us, or we can’t do anything!” he announced, getting cheers from the men, some even nudging their dates with a cheeky smile.

From the sounds of chuckling and chattering about Schneider’s show after his performance, and with some guests even emerging from the theatre still with tears of laughter in their eyes, Schneider had indeed put on a good show, and we will definitely catch him if he comes to Singapore again.

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