Her World's on Spotify and here's a playlist to #getreadywith

Specially curated by team Her World, these are the tracks to get geared up for big things in life - whether it's your big presentation at work, an important function or simply some tunes to get you motivated for the week. So hit play and follow us on Spotify

It's something we've been wanting to do for awhile now - here's our first-ever Spotify playlist.

And since our annual signature event Her World Woman Of The Year (WOTY) 2019 is just around the corner, we figured that there is no better time to curate a playlist to get you in the mood for "glamming up", no matter the event.

Whether you're heading to a club, a friend's wedding, or a company function - here are 10 (almost) new drops to have blasting.

1) Burn - RRiley 

After striking it out on her own, Sandra Riley Tang, also known as RRILEY, is on fire. Yes, all puns intended. About six months into its release now, “Burn” is still sounding mighty fresh. Peppered with snarky lines like, “Don’t cry when you see me on fire” and “Cause I don't need permission on what to say / I’m dancing in my own lane” - this track is the triumphant anthem that’ll empower you to pack on that highlight and strap on the stilettos


2) Summer girl - HAIM 

The title inadvertently triggers a pang of nostalgia from LFO’s 1999 pop hit, but the multi-instrumentalist trio definitely aren’t writing about girls in Abercrombie and Fitch. Veering away from their usual guitar-led rock tracks, Summer Girl’s laid back bassline and gentle humming vocals somehow makes you want to sway your hips and watch life in slow-mo. The bridge brings a sense of melancholy: “The tears behind your dark sunglasses / The fears inside your heart as deep as gashes / Walk beside me, not behind me / Feel my unconditional love” - but that’s where waterproof mascara comes in handy. 


3) Mami - Piso 21, The Black Eyed Peas

It is no lie that English-Spanish tracks perform exceptionally well on global music charts. So when one of the hottest Columbian Latin pop bands joins forces with a veteran hip-hop group, it’s basically a recipe for success. While fans might still ache at the departure of Llane from Piso 21 and Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas, the bands’ latest collaborative track about letting that special someone know she’s loved will warm just about anyone’s heart. 

Directed by American British filmmaker Shadae Lamar Smith, who’s also the resident video director for, the music video channels live performance feels that makes you want to rock together with them.

4) Small Talk - Katy Perry 

Just once, we might actually be excited about small talk. Only because it’s coming from the queen of pop. Penning it together with Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson, and Jacob Kasher, the lyrics navigates the awkward aftermath of interacting with an ex-lover turned stranger: “I just can’t believe / We went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime”. We think we're going to have this relatable number on repeat.


5) Friends and Foes - Higher Brothers ft. Snoop Dogg 

Everytime you think 88rising can’t surprise anymore, they do something like this. Teaming up with legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg, Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers, who is signed under the label, have released the full version of “Friends and Foes”. The track, which starts off with a verse from Snoop Dogg and continues in mostly mandarin by Higher Brothers, was first heard in the trailer and opening sequence of Netflix series Wu Assassins. Brimming with the group’s signature beats and fresh flow, this hit will have you strutting with all types of swagger. 


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