Spotify #3: August's hot drops - Khalid, Masego, MIKA

Highlighting our favourite new releases with our third curated spotify playlist

1. Bite My Tongue - Party Pupils, MAX


Thanks for streaming “Bite My Tongue” 50,000 times in one day. Here’s @suaveyungblanc being an assclown.

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I'm feeling paper thin / You see right through my skin / If you could just be honest / Only for a moment / Give myself away, with every word / Won't bite my tongue, I'll spell it out for you

Electro-funk duo Party Pupils melds their buttery house beats with MAX’s smooth vocals in their latest collaboration, resulting in a danceable pop-infused track. If you can’t quite put your finger on where you’ve heard the name Party Pupils before, their cover of Outkast classic “Ms. Jackson” might ring a bell. With over 14 million listens on Spotify, that track is perhaps what really defined their electronic sound. 


2. take a number - Marian Hill, Dounia 

Boy, you look so crisp, you're a salty little snack / I might call you over here and never call you back / And I know, know you want my number

Nothing screams Marian Hill like heart-thumping bass and clean, intricate percussion, which was exactly how this devilish track opened.  Moroccon singer-songwriter Dounia slides in effortlessly in the second verse, matching Samantha Gongol’s dark confidence. Having waited a year for a new release since their last album Unusual, it’s safe to say Marian Hill fans won’t be disappointed with this one. 


3. Queen Tings (Santi Remix) - Masego

I see Lupita / You know I got the jones for my own Rashida / Can you put me on with Danai Gurira? / She stay on my dome

It’s been a year since the release of Masego’s Lady Lady album but we all love a good follow-up, don’t we? The jazz-fusion artist enlisted Alte star Santi for a remix of Queen Tings - a beautiful track brimming with Masego’s excitement for milestones that black artists have made in the industry. Santi replaces parts of the song originally held by Tiffany Gouche, bringing a fresh new vibe. 


4. Right Back - Khalid, Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

And I just don't want you to waste my time / 'Cause  I'm tryna get with ya / I  be feelin' down but I'm fine when I'm with ya / You be thinkin' I be lyin' when I say I miss you

Something about Khalid makes you feel like everything will be okay. And the summery accompanying visuals for this remix only supports this. Orange-tinted and peppered with strategic slow-mo scenes, you can almost smell the smoke of the summer barbecue that Khalid and A Boogie wit da Hoodie is at. The original track first appeared in Khalid’s second studio album “Free Spirit”, of which chart-topping hit “Talk” is also part of. 


5. Indigo - 88rising, NIKI 

So let's go downtown and get real high / It'd be psycho to psychoanalyze / Leave all of your inhibitions behind / Tonight let's test all the borderlines like

Set to be released in 88rising’s Head in the Clouds II compilation album, Indigo is yet another creamy track from the 20-year-old Indonesian artist. But this time, her cheeky lyrics teases out themes of temptation and desire to the point where the track almost seems to swelter. 


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