Unprepared for an impromptu party? Glam up from head to toe at CityLink Mall

The whirlwind of a pre-party prep can feel like a mad dash, especially if the plans have somehow managed to slip your mind on the day itself. From manicures and stylish finds to a quick 30-minute facial, get your day-to-night transformation at one place: CityLink Mall

If you’ve ever had last-minute invitations to a party, you’d be able to relate to the stress and frenzy that follow — especially when you’re trying to get spruced up while racing against time.

But here’s where you can head to for all your last minute pre-party prep: CityLink Mall.

Situated at the City Hall vicinity and within walking distance from the CBD area of Singapore, CityLink Mall is not only convenient, but it also offers plenty of services and shops that will help get you all glammed up for any event. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can go about getting ready for your party.


Head over to the Face Shower Bar by Irén

Face Shower Bar by Irén

Have a rapid 30-minute facial therapy that uses an exfoliation technology called hydra-dermabrasion to give your skin a thorough power wash, removing clogged pores and blackheads with no downtime. Just one session, and you’ll have glowy, radiant skin.


Pop by Dollhouse Nails to get your nails done

Dollhouse Nails

For a relaxing indulgence, get a manicure and pedicure done. We recommend the Express Manicure especially if you’re in a hurry to get your nails shaped, buffed and polished.


Get your hair styled at Hair Art Studio

Hair Art Studio

At Hair Art Studio, you will be well taken care of by experienced stylists who are in the know of the latest hair trends. Get a chic blowout and gorgeously styled locks there, and you’re well on your way to being the belle of the ball.


Head on over to City of Tomorrow to hunt for the perfect outfit

City of Tomorrow

Choose your outfit from over 80 local and international brands at City of Tomorrow. Each brand within the seven-curated zones offers high quality, exclusive and trendy products. From elegant gowns and sophisticated pieces to more casual tropical-themed numbers, the choices and trends offered here are endless. Bonus: you might also be able to get a last-minute party gift here.


Catch a breather! Stop by Kurotai Chabaan and enjoy a cup of aromatic bubble tea

Kurotai Chabaan

After all that scrambling and rushing to get yourself ready, you must be feeling exhausted. Give yourself a well-deserved break by indulging in a cup of tea. Choose from one of Kurotai Chabaan’s best sellers (Grapefruit Tea, Mango Coconut With Sago, and the Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea). It serves up substantial portions with quality ingredients imported from various sources including Taiwan, China, and Malaysia.

After kicking back and getting some much-needed zen time, you are all set to head to the party. Consider Mission Impossible: accomplished.


From now till 15 July, spend and dine at over 60 beauty, fashion and F&B tenants and *redeem gifts/bonus points at CityLink Mall. Enjoy shopping!

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A) Spend min. $100* and get a Travel Jewellery Bag

     *Max. combined spending at 2 tenants within the same day. While stocks last.

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B)  Spend min. $200* and get :

  • Document Bag
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*Limited to first 450 shoppers only. Max. combined spending at 3 tenants within the same day. While stocks last.

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