BMW just made a lot of drivers happy with their introduction of the new BMW 4 series.

The new BMW 4 series is all you could ever ask for in a car. It is efficient, fun to drive and looks athletic and sporty.

While the new BMW 4 series is born out of the iconic 3 series, it is no denying that the new BMW 4 is a car in its own right. Available in BMW 420i Gran Coupé Sport, BMW 420i Coupé Sport and BMW 420i Convertible, you are guaranteed to turn heads and make a statement in its lean, sleek and modern automobile design.

So if you are shopping for a new ride, here are 8 reasons why the new BMW 4 Series is the car for you.


With a personality as bold as the new BMW 4 series, a simple black exterior just wouldn’t do it justice. Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, the Munich carmaker’s designer introduced two new colours, Sunset Orange and Snapper Rocks Blue.


Ladies, if you want to go for a spin at night, unwind and forget your troubles, the new BMW 4 series might be the perfect companion. Thanks to the bi-LED headlights at the front and full LED technology at the rear, you can enjoy enhanced visibility on night drives and winding roads.


Many drivers, even the most seasoned drivers, would consider parallel parking the most daunting part of driving. Parking is a cinch with the new BMW 4 series. With its Park Distance Control and rear camera, you can manoeuver your BMW safely into the tiniest of spaces, even when it is dark outside.


Like your trusty pair of trainers that takes you to different places, the optional BMW M Sport Package that comes with an aerodynamic kit, M Sport steering wheel and 18-inch M Star-Spoke wheels for a smoother and sportier ride.


Sometimes when driving after a long day of work, it is easy to get distracted. Thankfully, the new BMW 4 series comes complete with a Drive Assist function that combines the camera-based lane departure warning and collision warning systems to detect lane markings and warn of unintended lane changes with steering wheel vibrations. You know you are in safe hands when you are riding in your new BMW 4 series. When there is a risk of a collision, the in-built camera that detects pedestrians will sound a warning and if necessary, apply the brakes.


Whether you are in the car for a short commute while you’re on an errand run or a longer commute that’s inevitable due to traffic jams, comfort makes a big difference.

A comfortable interior makes any journey less stressful. Bid farewell to potholes and enjoy perfect comfort with the sports seats upholstered in fine leather with SunReflective technolology and an optional air collar.


Remember how frazzled you would get when you had to key in information into your GPS while having to steer the wheel at the same time? The new BMW 4 series comes with an iDrive Touch Controller that lets you control the iDrive system with one hand and enter information like destinations for the navigation system that will come in handy if you’re the only one in the car.


There is something for everyone. Feel the wind in your hair with the BMW 420i Convertible that comes with a retractable top.

A model that will accommodate you, your friends, and family is the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé that comes with four doors. If you love taking long drives to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, opt for either the BMW 4 Series Coupé or the Gran Coupé where the seats can fold in a number of ways so you can transport a greater range of luggage or just a whole lot of shopping bags.

If you are as in love with the new BMW 4 series as we are, arrange for a test drive today.

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