3 great reasons for a staycation at Oasia Hotel Downtown

There's no need to deal with stresses like visas and immigration queues when you plan your next holiday right here in Singapore

Let's be honest, we never need a reason to go on a holiday. While vacations are most tempting during stressful times, as we feel the need to get away from the daily pressures of 21st century living, there's never a time when a break is unwelcome. Time off is needed in order to keep our energy levels and lust for life at maximum.

Singapore's reputation as a tourist hub also gives us the chance to enjoy a fulfilling holiday without even leaving the country. Why deal with immigration queues and possible flight delays when you can have a perfectly satisfying staycation right here?

For a break in the heart of the city, look no further than Oasia Hotel Downtown. The iconic red facade grabs your attention immediately and the view of the lush vertical garden will give you a feeling of serenity before you even enter the building.

With easy access to Tanjong Pagar MRT station, you'll be able to hop on the train and travel to practically any part of Singapore if you want to explore like a tourist. It's the perfect spot to refresh, recharge and refuel.

Refresh while surrounded by nature. There are 21 different species of creepers growing around the building, draped over the five shades of red aluminium mesh, creating a vibrant mosaic of colour and life. Natural elements like copper and wood are consistently used throughout the hotel, and an abundance of greenery both on the hotel's exterior and interior give guests a holistic experience. And if you feel like plonking yourself down amidst this tranquil surrounding at any time, there are cabanas and specially-designed lounge chairs scattered throughout the public areas to put your feet up.

Recharge with a fitness boost at the 24-hour gym or use the open lawn, also known as the Sky Terrace, on level 12 for an impromptu yoga or meditation session. Or if you prefer a less-active break, enjoy the technological amenities in your room, such as a smart TV, where you can stream your own content, a press reader for e-papers and e-magazines, and a Handy smartphone that's equipped with 3G connectivity, with free calls to select countries.

Refuel with quality nourishment throughout the day, starting at The Marmalade Pantry on level 1, with its modern bistro cuisine and concept, as well as all-day dining with a menu developed around freshness and clarity of the ingredients. If you prefer to dine in the comfort of your room, the hotel's in-room dining menu offers around-the-clock healthy options too. But if it's just a tipple you're after, Cin Cin Bar on level 1 is the place to be, especially if you're a gin lover.

Start planning your next staycation by logging on to www.oasiahotels.com