Meaningful ways to spend time when Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp go down again

A social media disruption doesn’t mean your life has to be on hold. Here's a list of ways to entertain yourself and even learn a new skill when our social media apps crash

5. Make a plan for later

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We are often swamped with work or whatnots and fail to factor in some proper work-life balance on top of our distractions (Instagram Stories on auto-play, anyone?). Things get pushed down the priority list and we procrastinate. But a social media outage means you can devote time to your relationships.

Plan for a nice dinner with your partner and make reservations, or book a weekend trip or a family day out. Think of creative ways to make your next available time together good quality fun — there’s no better time than now to put your loved ones first.


6. Learn a new language online


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With so much time on your hands, why not use it to learn a new language which might prove useful for your career in future? Duolingo for instance, is a fun, user-friendly site that says you can learn a language for free in just five minutes a day. Every lesson in Duolingo gives you experience points (XP) and you can earn “streaks”, which you lose if you miss a day (Google it, losing a streak on Duolingo is a thing).

There are plenty of languages available, including popular ones such as Spanish, French, and German and exotic ones such as Hebrew, Swahili, and Hawaiian. You can even learn cool languages such as Klingon, High Valyrian and Navajo, if you know what they are.


7. ‘Marie Kondo’ your closet

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The lack of social media is a good excuse to start getting your life in order and start decluttering using the famous KonMari Method devised by the petite and adorable Marie Kondo. Her method, if you don’t know it already, thanks to that Netflix show, is to keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.

Once that’s done, it’s time to organise things neatly, with the help of some tools. You’ll come out of this hiatus feeling lighter and more refreshed.


8. Get creative with your photos

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Go through the older pictures in your photo album and see what you can do with some of them. Chances are, many of them didn’t make it to your social media accounts and have been forgotten, buried deep by more current images. You can print them out if you have an instant camera printer like the nifty Canon iNSPiC (it has an S series and a C series) or the instax Share SP-3, string them up with twine and secure them to a wall or on a grid metal frame.

Or make creative collages or posters using apps in the market where you can add borders, banners, stickers, texts filters and the like, such as Canva, Moldiv, Unfold and Adobe Spark Post.


9. Write postcards or notes to people

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When was the last time you received a handwritten note from someone, just because? And no, we don’t mean that angrily scribbled piece of paper that’s pinned to your windshield wiper because you were a tad out of your parking lot. While we used to write heartfelt birthday cards or letters on beautifully printed paper products to each other, those days are long gone.

Reignite that nostalgia by penning postcards or notes to your family and friends. Let them know how grateful you are that they are in your life, and include an anecdote that you remember or love about them. Don’t forget to ask how they have been. Pack your letters or cards nicely and send them by the old school method of post (yes, they still exist). Better yet, request that they write you back in the same old-school manner, instead of a cursory text.