Shine Singapore 2013: Lorraine Tan sings with T-Max’s Shin Min Chul

Watch K-pop singer Shin Min Chul perform live with Lorraine Tan at the Shine Singapore concert fundraiser on August 6

Shine Singapore 2013: Lorraine Tan sings with T-Max’s Shin Min Chul
Songs for a good cause: Lorraine Tan to perform with Shin Min Chul of T-Max for Shine Singapore 2013 benefit concert

It helps to have celebrity friends, as Singapore singer Lorraine Tan would know.

She roped in Korean star Shin Min Chul of T-Max fame (best known for their Boys Over Flowers theme song “Paradise”) for her Shine Singapore benefit concert, simply by “texting him” about it.

“I’ve known Min Chul from two years ago, when he came to Singapore and I was their host – their Singapore tour guide, in short,” explains the singer. “We became good friends and I told him that I was going to have my first music concert.”

“I jokingly asked if he would come to Singapore to my guest artiste,” remembers Lorraine. “So I was very surprised when his manager texted me and said yes!”  

Fans of the K-pop star will be able to watch him and Lorraine Tan sing a duet and more performances at the Shine Singapore Charity Fundraising Concert on August 6, 2013.

Each concert ticket sold will help support students in financial need; all ticket proceeds will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).

Shine Singapore 2013: Lorraine Tan sings with T-Max’s Shin Min Chul
Student participants of Shine Singapore 2013 at the Marina Barrage

The Shine Singapore concert is the charitable extension of Lorraine Tan’s National Day-inspired track, “Shine Singapore”. The fervently patriotic songstress has been marking August 9 with a new song dedicated to Singapore every year, since 2011.

This year, Lorraine Tan drew inspiration from the real-life experiences of a 23-year-old Pocket Money Fund beneficiary, Ronn Kay, for the music video of “Shine Singapore”.

“Ronn told me he wanted to be featured in the video, because SPMF helped him when he was a kid,” recalls the singer. “Now he wants to help SPMF so that they can continue to help more kids too.”

Ronn’s family received financial support from the SPMF, when they were without income for six months; his father, now a foot reflexology masseur, was jobless at that time due to his failing eyesight.

More than 100 Singapore schoolchildren will also join Lorraine Tan on stage for the Shine Singapore performance. International Belly Dance competition 2013 winner Jamila, will be performing a dance during the charitable concert.

Lorraine Tan said she wanted to make a difference with her song and hopes that the charity concert will inspire more Singaporeans to help the less fortunate communities in Singapore.

So support a good cause: get your tickets soon and watch Lorraine Tan, Shin Min Chul perform live at the Esplanade Concert Hall this August.

My Singapore 2013: Shine Singapore Charity Fundraising Concert
Date and Time: August 6, 2013, at 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981
Prices: $28 (students only), $48, $88, $108, $128, $148 (limited VIP box seats). Sponsor SPMF students for their concert tickets at $68 each. To purchase your ticket, call 9168 2947 or email

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