The new Deliveroo Editions gives you a dine-in option and escape delivery charges

Folks living or working in Lavender, you can choose to pick your food up or eat in Deliveroo’s new central kitchen that's home to 7 restaurants

Photo: Deliveroo 

Hidden in the expansive commercial building CT Hub 2 is the new Deliveroo Editions, the delivery company’s second central kitchen (the first opened in Katong last year with six kitchens). Instead of operating out of their brick and mortar stores, seven restaurant kitchens will be housed in this single space in Lavender. Think of it as a co-working takeaway joint with multiple restaurants cooking solely for food deliveries in a centralised space. Great, but how does this affect us customers, who aren’t as concerned with kitchen mechanics?

Photo: Deliveroo

Here’s why you should be excited:

  • If you’re within a 100m radius of Deliveroo Editions, you can pick up your food directly from the kitchen in less than 10 minutes after you’ve ordered it on the app (search for ‘Click and Collect’).
  • Can’t wait to get home to eat? You can perch on one of the bar stools in the dine in area. It’s also open for customers waiting to pick up their food.
  • Choose from seven popular restaurants that have set up shop on the premises: Wolf Burgers, Aloha Poke, Kurry Korner, Da Paolo, Streets of Saigon, Dosirak and Blu Kouzina. The dishes you see on the app might not be the same as in the restaurant – having a virtual menu means chefs can afford to be more experimental and trend-focused with their food.

You know you’re in the right place when you see the colourful, graphic shutters with playful localisms like “Die Die Must Try” emblazoned on them. Sandwiched between the many shutters is the pick-up station, where you can see staff typing away on their laptops and mounted screens indicating delivery updates.



When you enter through the front door (located right by the pick-up station), the first thing you’ll clock is the 20-seat dining space. As Deliveroo Editions isn’t a restaurant, the vibe is casual and the limited seats are very much on a first come first served basis. Another welcome addition is the refrigerators with ice cream and drinks along the wall. Think of it as a cosy cafeteria area.

The kitchens are on either side of the dining area, and we were lucky to get a peek into where the gastronomic magic happens. Verdict: The space is clean, with no clutter and ample space for the staff to work on their orders. Each restaurant gets its own enclosed individual kitchen, which almost reminds us of a culinary co-working space.

Photo: Deliveroo 

We also like the diverse mix of cuisines that Deliveroo Editions has on offer – you’ve got Italian, Greek, Vietnamese and more all housed in one space. And because the seven restaurants don’t need to worry about wait staff and can focus solely on the food, this means you’re likely to get the food to your door in a shorter period of time.   

Days after they opened, we stopped by Deliveroo Editions over the weekend. Unsurprisingly, it was quieter on a Saturday, with seats readily available. There were some teething problems when we were given an inaccurate delivery time, but it was easily (and quickly) remedied since we were already at the site. It's also worth noting that the minimum $12 order still applies, even if you're choosing to dine in. The banh mi that we ordered from Streets of Saigon was warm, the bread crisp, and satisfyingly filling.

We reckon this will be a lifesaver for those who live and work in the area. And if you chow it down on the spot, you’re essentially getting restaurant quality food served hot from the kitchen. No complaints there.



Deliveroo Editions is located at CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street. Opening hours: 11am-2.30pm and 5pm-10.30pm.