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All you need to know about sound healing and where to get it in Singapore

Here’s what you need to know about this new-age therapy and where to get it in Singapore

4. Where can you go for sound healing?

There are two broad ways that you can engage with sound healing. The first, which can be termed as either a sound bath or sound healing, refer to a session where you, the participant, receives sounds played by the healer while you engage in other activities such as meditation or yoga (or even do nothing). The second involves you being a more engaged participant, where you are training to conduct sound healing for yourself or for a class. If you’re having a difficulties find a sound healer or an instrument to pick up, Elaine Victoria Yang of One Heart Singapore advises to “go with what resonates with you”.

Check these places out:

a. Ascend Yoga Therapy


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Using the gong as their instrument, Ascend Yoga Therapy incorporates other yogic practices with their sound healing, such as yin, yang and flow yoga, as well as gong meditation. Some classes do require you to bring an eye mask along for an immersive experience. Ascend has also tiered their classes based on the practitioner’s level and comfort, starting with foundational techniques and ending with a full chakra healing experience. Classes are priced upwards of $28, and you can get more information from their website.

Ascend Yoga Therapy is located at 82 Boat Quay level 3, Singapore 049870.




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Besides yoga and meditation classes, SPACE2B offers sound healing classes using crystal bowls and gong. They deal with the healing and awakening of various chakras, which are aimed at making you feel energised and rejuvenated after. Classes are priced upwards of $50 and you can make a reservation via their website.

SPACE2B is located at 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721. 

c. The Singing Bowl Gallery


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Founded by Christina Shiu, The Singing Bowl Gallery offers two types of sound healing classes. The first is a 90 minute singing bowl meditation which begins with an introduction to the singing bowl sound bath followed by a 10 minute breathing exercise and 40 minute sound bath. The last 15 minutes are for any queries you might have. The second are workshops that equip you with the knowledge to teach and practise sound healing on others. The former costs $30 per pax while the latter is priced upwards of $90, and reservations are made via their website. You can also purchase singing bowls from them.

The Singing Bowl Gallery is located at 33 Erskine Road, #01-05, Singapore 069333.

d. One Heart

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Using crystal singing bowls with different frequencies that target different chakras of the body, One Heart has multiple classes with various focus. From yin yoga that uses a gentler meditative yoga style, a breathwork-focused class that combines vocal toning to chakra balancing and reiki (energy healing) to retune and heal. Prices vary according to the class and you can reserve your place via their website. One Heart also offers other classes such hypnotherapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

One Heart is located at 37 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423580.


e. Spa Esprit

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Titled Super Vibrator, Spa Esprit’s latest concept touts itself as combining more than one alternative therapy in one to restore and nourish your mind and body. The 120 minute treatment begins with an energy reading that pinpoints your weaker energy centres (chakras) which informs the custom essential oil blend that will be used on you. Following that, a sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls and a 90 minute Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage are then performed. The Lomi Lomi massage uses long strokes and stretches to relax the muscles and body. During the session, singing bowls will also be filled with warm water and placed on the body to balance your energies. Super Vibrator is only available at Spa Esprit’s Wheelock Place branch and costs $290 per session. Book your appointment via their website or call 6479 0070.

Super Vibrator is located at 501 Orchard Road, #03-19 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880.