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5 reasons you need to download this health app right now

Health tips, hassle-free appointment booking, visitation payment and more - all at your fingertips. This is how the SingHealth Health Buddy app aims to make your life easier and healthier

Health buddy app

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We get it – by now, there are probably far too many apps on your phone that you hardly ever use after the first few times. With fitness trackers, transport services, social media and news apps, who needs another one on top of all that?

But there's this other health app, named Health Buddy, that lets you view your health information and services on the go - now, that's pretty handy. Here’s why it deserves a spot (or storage space) on your phone:


1. Schedule appointments without waiting in line

manage and schedule appointments with Health Buddy

We don’t know about you, but this alone is a big draw for us. Making a doctor's appointment has never been easier. Instead of waiting endlessly for your number to be called, skip the queue and reduce waiting time at the polyclinic or hospital. To schedule an appointment, simply go to the Appointment page, log in with your SingPass, then enter the one-time password. After that, just select an institution and put in your request.


2. Access to useful health tips

health tips singhealth health buddy app

The Health Buddy app provides doctor-approved health tips and bite-sized videos available on topics ranging from wellness to food and nutrition to and fitness and exercise. Tips are even categorised according to body parts, gender and age so you can read about topics most pertinent to you.


3. Find a GP near you

find a GP nearby with Health Buddy

The app also lets you find all the nearest GPs in your area, according to location, opening hours, contact details and distance from you. Otherwise, if you already have a GP in mind, enter the clinic’s name or postal code to find out their contact details to make an appointment.


4. Accurate info on symptoms, conditions and medicine

check your symptoms with Health Buddy app

Got pressing questions about your condition(s) that needs answering? You can learn more about them through the app, where all the information is written personally by doctors and healthcare professionals across the SingHealth Group, so it’s the closest thing to a consultation at a preliminary level without making a visit to the clinic.

You can also check your symptoms with the app by selecting the ailing body part or keying in the symptom you’re experiencing so that you can decide what sort of specialist you might need to see.

5. Pay for your consultations on your phone

make payments with Health Buddy app

Not only is the Health Buddy app a major time-saver, it also shows you your bill and receipts so you can keep track of your payments. (In other words, no messy paper receipts shoved into your wallet.) To make payment after your visit, click on Mobile Pay on the dropdown list. There are various modes of payment – NETS, Visa/MasterCard credit cards, or eNETS direct debit.

Think of the Health Buddy app as your new finance tracker, but for your health. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play store.