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Our best kept secret on how to lose weight even when you’re sitting on the desk all-day

Kick that bad habit of a sedentary lifestyle

While you may be stuck at your desk for a good long time, there are a few good habits to practise that can lead to some weight loss. We teach you how:

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Don't eat at your desk

This can be detrimental to your diet. When eating at your desk, you tend to eat faster and not register nor enjoy lunch properly. Ultimately, this leads to more snacking later in the day and weight gain.

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Chew your food

Indigestion is one of the main causes of bloating. So if you have to eat at your desk, make sure that you’re chewing your food enough times. Do not rush through your meals. The faster you eat, the more gas that enters your body, causing you to bloat.

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Drink more water and add lemon

When your body gets dehydrated, it retains water as a defense mechanism causing you to bloat and get constipated. Add several slices of lemon or other citrus fruits to aid digestion and cleanse your digestive system.

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Increase your heart rate

Whether it’s a quick walk to the pantry for water or a run to the loo, do things to keep your heart rate up. Moving for 30 minutes a day is all you need to feel better and keep your weight in check. It can be an accumulation of mini workouts instead of one long one so get a smart watch to help you track your movements.

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Ditch the soft drinks and coffee

We’re guilty of doing this ourselves but try to limit yourself to just one cup of coffee a day and say no to carbonated drinks. The latter especially has empty calories and can lead to weight gain.

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This story was first seen on Singapore Women's Weekly.