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These new age therapies will turn your life around

It’s not just the hippie’s hell bent on finding their Zen zone. Try these out and reach total relaxation

4. Jin Shin Jyutsu


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Best for: Anyone looking for a gentle form of self care

Don’t confuse this 3,000-year-old ancient healing art with Reiki, however there are some similarities. Working off the concept of harmonising the body through gentle touch of one’s fingers, Jin Shin Jyutsu sees a practitioner use their hands to respond to one’s pulse and support re-balancing its harmonious flow through 52 main points on the body.

Depending on one’s sensitivities, you may feel some sensations (a warm heat, a involuntary twitch) during the treatment. Don’t be alarmed: It’s part of the process and proof that a deeper level of relaxation is happening. Post treatment, it’s not unusual to feel a bit lightheaded and a sense of tranquil calm; longer term it works to bring relief to chronic internal imbalances.

$150 at Terra Luna Yoga, 611A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269713, tel: 9658 3611; visit


5. Watsu Therapy


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Best for: Expectant mums and anyone feeling a overwhelmed by stress

We hate to break the bad news to you but there will never be a more relaxing time than in one’s mother’s womb. While this sounds disheartening, Watsu (or aqua) therapy aims to re-create that weightless feeling to address issues such as insomnia and muscle tension to bring on a deep relaxation state.

Developed by Harold Dull in 1980, it combines water-based shiatsu massage with the stretching of one’s meridians (energy channels) to stimulate the flow of energy. The therapy does require one to get wet but props like leg floats ensure you’re not sinking under and the added plus is that it takes place in a heated pool. Post therapy, expect to feel a sense of deep relaxation or even a spontaneous release of emotions, almost as if you’ve had a good cry.

$150 at Inspire Mum & Baby Fitness, Birth and Swimming Centre, 188-2 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436990, tel: 9234 1866; visit


6. Craniosacral Therapy

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Best for: Children and trauma recoveries

This is another form of light touch (no more than 5 grams of pressure is exerted) bodywork. While Carniosacral Therapy remains classed under alternative modalities, its effectiveness is the real deal. Using gentle touch to palpate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium, spine and pelvic bone, a trained therapist releases embedded tension in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system.

In layman’s terms, what you may feel is a knot releasing or even a tense muscle relaxing after just one treatment. Depending on the individual, a varying level of SomatoEmotional Release – a way of ridding the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma by anatomically freeing the central channel of the body – may be felt, which can’t be a bad thing, ever.

$149.50 with GST at OzWorks Therapy, #10-01/03 Forum Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884, tel: 6836 4560; visit