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How to get fit with your man at Singapore’s Urbanathlon!

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions to get fit and toned, so why not take on the ultimate challenge, the Urbanathlon 2016 hosted by Men’s Health (nope, it’s not just for men)! Ladies, let’s show them how it’s done...

Are you up to the challenge? If you are, this would be an incredible event to work towards for fitness goals and a step towards your dream body and improved health. The course spans 14km and includes nine obstacles, including a new Cross-Fit based one.


Image: 123RF/ maridov 

This year, six DJs from One FM 91.3 will compete in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, including Glenn Ong and Cheryl Miles. This is a Tough Mudder equivalent which is catered to both sexes! A test of physical stamina and mind over matter, 2016 will be the seventh year running of Singapore’s original, urban obstacle course. 

DJ Cheryl Miles is psyched: “Getting through the obstacles will require balance, core strength, stamina and agility,” she says, “which are all part of my fitness goals for this year. This will be my first obstacle course race, and what better way to kick start the year than to train for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon!”

If you're looking for cute trainers to tackle the course in, see our shopping list here.

WATCH last year's action here:


Shaun Tupaz says his main aim is to have arms like Chris Hemsworth and abs like Channing Tatum. Rather than just watching Hollywood icons on screen, he has resolved to train his body to achieve those #fitnessgoals. Forget squats, the Urbanathlon will require box jumps, lunges, overhead squats (!), sand bell swings and more! If you’ve dreamed of a booty worthy of the peach emoji, this is your moment. Gather your squad to come and support at the end-point foodie village for some much needed post-Urbanathlon fuel!

Where: Kallang Practice Track
When: Sunday 13 March 2016, 7am-11am
Who: Compete alongside fellow Urbanathletes Glenn Ong, Cheryl Miles, Elliot Danker, Harry Corro, Andre Hoeden and Shaun Tupaz.
What: As you start training for the Urbanathlon, #ShareThePain with Glenn Ong and your fellow Instagram buddies, with pics of you and your training partner to spur each other on!

Sign up here. $128 per person or $188 for teams of four or more. Each participant will receive a pack worth over $150 including a six-month digital subscription to Men’s Health Singapore and an Adidas tee.