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The hottest Fitness Super Star contestants give their fitness and diet tips

Need some motivation and pointers on how to up your #fitspo game? Why not get them from the best

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Photo: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

The search for the hottest bods is on, as one competition makes its entrance into the fitness sphere this year. Thirty-two contestants will take to the stage on August 25 in an inaugural contest called Fitness Super Star 2018. They’ll be judged on three key points: their fitness, charisma and style.

Organized and produced by Hideki Akiyoshi, creative consultant and fashion producer extraordinaire, the competition isn’t a “muscle contest”. He notes that “there’s an upsurge of individuals who take great care of their health, looks and physiques, and who are sharing their training regimens and results on social media”.

“Fitness Super Star is created with the objective of putting a spotlight on these individuals” and finding the next big thing in fitness who can powerfully express their passion, he says.

He’ll be judging these hotties along with former actor and Wushu World Champion and Asian Games medalist Vincent Ng; TV producer Najip Ali; CEO of FLY Entertainment Irene Ang; owner of Fitness Factory and Asian bodybuilding champion Augustine Lee; and fitness consultant and founder of D’Fitness, Darren Stephen Lim.

In the run-up to the contest, these shredded lads and lasses share a few tips on how they stay shredded.