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7 fun, free dance classes you’ve always wanted to try!

From pole dancing to aerial yoga and K-Pop hip hop, there’s something for everyone to try for FREE at the dance event sweeping Singapore

I grew up dancing. I attended my first ballet class aged 2 and have continued to try new styles ever since. In the last few years more alternative dance forms, which often have their own sub-cultures, have opened up and become more popular. From pole-dancing to aerial yoga, there are so many beautiful, fun and amazingly challenging new forms of dance and fitness to try out! However, often we want to try before we buy, and a term’s worth of classes can be expensive, as can a gym membership! 


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Singapore’s National Arts Council has made many alternative dance and fitness forms free until October 23, 2015, as part of Got To Move, one of the last highlights of the SG50 celebrations, so those of you who have been harbouring secret desires to get popping and locking to your favourite K-Pop songs or try a spin on the pole (which is one of the most strenuous workouts) can do so for FREE this month. Read on for our picks of the most fun forms of dance to try out if you’re a girl with a budget and want a great de-stressing workout after work: 

1. K-Pop fitness
If you’re a lover of all things K-Pop, look no further. Your body will be toned as you dance continuously to your favourite K-Pop songs. Singaporeans can try it out islandwide at Got To Move October 13-16, 18-20 & 22 at various locations. 

 2. Ballet for adult beginners
Always dreamed of moving with the grace and elegance of a ballerina? Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms as it trains your posture, tones almost every muscle and teaches you how the technical prowess needed for other forms of dance such as modern, jazz and lyrical. You’re never too old to learn something new, so try a beginners class especially for adults on October 14, 16, 17, 21, 23 at various locations.

3. Pole dancing
Forget any trashy connotations you associate with pole dancing, this is one of the hardest and most strenuous dance forms out there. It can also be a beautiful expression and performance art with fusions like lyrical pole emerging on the mainstream dance scene. Try a beginner’s session for free on October 17 & 18!

4. Aerial fitness (Acro Polates)
This stunning dance form has been taken up by many a celeb (and then showcased on their Instagram). It uses ropes or hammocks suspended from the ceiling to sculpt and tone your body in a fluid and gravity defying way! Try it out for free on October 18 at Got To Move Islandwide

5. Bellydancing
This sensual form of dancing originated in the Middle East and is becoming ever popular. Tone that waist and get rippling at the finale of Got To Move on October 24 in a free class. 

6. Bollywood dancing
If you envy the moves of the beautiful stars in every Bollywood movie, learn this dance form which is a fusion of traditional Indian dance with modern and hip hop influences. Get yourself down to a free class on October 17 & 18!

7. Kizomba
A dance form originating from Angola is becoming increasingly popular. Head down to ACTFA Dance School’s danceathon and taster classes to experience it for yourself on October 14 & 21.

See the ins & outs of what’s on and exact locations for Got To Move here. 

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