What to eat at the new PasarBella Suntec City gourmet food court!

When we went to the new Pasarbella outlet at Suntec, we tried and taste-tested the stalls to our hearts’ content. Here are the must-try outlets and items on the menu!

Always on the hunt for new, delicious places to frequent for a yummy lunch or decadent dinner, team herworldPLUS headed over to the grand opening party of PasarBella @ Suntec for a foodie funfair. What we found and tasted we thoroughly approved of, and want to share the best bites to try when you head over to the new gourmet food court. Here are the stalls with the HWP stamp of approval: 

Image: herworldPLUS, the interior of PasarBella Suntec

#1 Porsena Deli

This New York-style deli (with the serious NY meat-props to match) fits in perfectly with the Lower East Side decor of PasarBella as a whole. The bread and meat are all made in-house with a lot of TLC. The pastrami alone is brined a week in advance, rubbed with peppercorns and coriander and then smoked in their wood fire to give it melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

Image: herworldPLUS, pastrami sandwich in-the-making!

Must-try: Smoked beef pastrami sandwich, $14 (with preserved cabbage, jack cheddar and spicy dill pickle). 


#2 Wolf Burger

For carnivores, there are plenty of options, with Wolf Burger proving a firm favourite of the night with the crowd. The team is the same behind Carvers & Co on East Coast Road, so you should definitely head here if you’re already a fan. A perfect city-slicker lunch-time indulgence or after-work wind down spot.

Must-try: The S'mores sweet potato fries, a guilty pleasure to the max!


#3 Cajun on Wheels

Image: herworldPLUS

We loved this Louisiana-style seafood stall with a Singapore twist on Southern classics. From fresh chilli crab served in a bucket (and in the heart of the city) to salted egg yolk fries with a sauce to match, this is indulgent dining at its very best!

Must-try: Truffle fries with their choice of sauces, we loved the salted egg yolk one!


#4 For cold pressed juice and coffee fixes

For those looking to satisfy their morning caffeine craving or want to keep things healthy and delicious with some cold-pressed juice, PasarBella has you covered. If you’re a fan of Sarnies coffee, you’re in luck! The CBD favourite now has an outlet at Suntec, serving up their drink menu favourites alongside pastries and desserts. Squeezed! is our go-to for a morning green fix with vitamin-packed cold-presses and fresh fruit smoothies. 

Must-tries: Sarnies’ ‘Bullet’ coffee made with butter and coconut oil rather than your usual milk mix (coconut oil kickstarts your metabolism) and the Squeezed! Citrus Circus juice containing watermelon and mint! 

Image: herworldPLUS (L-R, Porsena Deli's pastrami sliders, Cajun on Wheels' truffle fries with salted egg yolk dip, Brewerkz' blackberry ale)

#5 Rollie Ollie

If you want a lunchtime sushi stop-off then head straight to Rollie Ollie for meticulously made rolls. Fresh and delicious, they use Asian and American-inspired sauces to set their offerings apart from the pack. 

Must-try: Sunkissed salmon rolls, $16.95 (salmon, crabmeat and avocado) 

Where: Pasarbella@Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-455
Tower 1, North Wing
When: Open Mon-Sun 10am-10pm (*Porsena’s Deli and Sarnies operate from 8am daily)

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