22 places in Singapore to satisfy your Bingsu craving

The ultimate list of Bingsu restaurants in Singapore to add to your must-try list!

Even after a year, Singapore's bingsu craze isn't slowing down, with the opening of even more outlets selling these sweet, delicious ice dessert. We conclude: seems bingsu is here to stay!

Thus, we've prepared a whole list of bingsus you can find in Singapore. By the end of this article, we hope you are compelled to head down to one of these places for some bingsu!


1. Banana Tree


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Banana Tree is a bingsu house that fuses character, colour and flavours together, proven by the pretty flowers and vase that makes their potbingsu (get it? Not patbingsu, but potbingsu! K nvm.).

Address: 26 Keong Saik Rd, (S) 089133


2. Bibing 비빙

Bibing Cafe has an interesting serving of bingsu. While most cafes and restaurants opt for the ice kacang look (which is a mere conincidence), Bibing gives its bingsu the special bibimpap look, where the ingredients are nicely packed at the sides as the egg-looking-shaved-ice is laid down in the middle.

Address: 50 Smith St, (S) 058958


3. Bing Go Jung Dessert House


Bing soo yaaaa

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Bing Go Jung's Bukit Timah Plaza outlet rests on a cosy standalone corner where its glass walls overlook the road. BGJ's Bingsu may not rise up against the popular ones like Insadong or even Nunsaram, but we'd be lying if we said we never gave BGJ a second try!

Address: 1 Jln Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, (S) 58899


4. Bingsu @ The Clementi Mall


Coffee Bingsu at 'Bingsu' the clementi mall 04-33 #bingsu #clementi #koreanfood #kfood #dessert #singapore #icecream

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It doesn't matter even if they are late in the Bingsu game. Bingsu, located in The Clementi Mall, is holding up pretty well with its heartland crowds. If you ever find yourself at The Clementi Mall, we definitely recommend heading to Bingsu for their Choco Banana and Oreo bingsu as starters. Your main course should be the Melon!

Address: 3155 commonwealth avenue, #04-33 the Clementi Mall, (S) 129588


5. Cafe Insadong


Cafe Insadong isn't your usual Korean cafe located in Singapore. It combines artworks as well as Elegani, a vanity table + beauty drawer, in its business mix. The cafe truly holds a place in the Tumblr world from the outlook of its exterior and the artworks that are mounted on its interior walls! Its regular bingsu menu includes Sweet Potato, Coconut, Macchiato + Baileys, Smores, Brownie, Caramel Macchiato as well as its seasonal flavours.

Address: 279 S Bridge Rd, (S) 058828


6. Caffébene


CaffeBene is a pretty little cafe that serves delicious treats. Its main menu includes coffee, frappeno, latte, bingsu, waffles and honey bread of varying flavours. However, don't misjudge its menu shortfalls for the cafe's disability. Fact is, CaffeBene serves delicious dessert dishes.

Recommended: Green Tea Bingsu and Green Tea Latte

Address: VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk,
#02-150, (S) 098585


7. Chick And Ken



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Interestingly, Chick And Ken's bingsu menu includes Thai Iced Tea Bingsu and Dark Chocolate Bingsu - two flavours that are not the market standard! Apart from bingsus, the cafe serves delicious fried chicken that's available in a variety of interesting sauces - salted egg, brown sugar and lime, white cheese and more!

Address: 21 Lor Telok, (S) 049033


8. Chicken Up


I love you more than ever, my all time favorite- MELON BINGSU! #chickenupsg #chickenup #chickenupdesserts

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While everyone recognises Chicken Up for its splendid servings of fried chicken, what most patrons don't actually know is this - Chicken Up serves up a mouth-wateringly sweet Melon Bingsu.


2 Tampines Central 5 #01-44 to 47, Century Square, (S) 529509

48 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01, (S) 088469

#01-10 Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, (S) 449269


9. Chot-Nun

Being the maknae in this list doesn't mean Chot-Nun automatically becomes the most inexperienced bingsu cafe or store at all. In fact, it's making waves in the bingsu food craze! Chot-Nun is opened by one of the most popular bingsu brand in Singapore - Nunsongyee. Watch how the fog flows from a cup of delicious Chot-Nun bingsu!

Address: 14 Scotts Road. Far East Plaza. #01-16E, (S) 228213


10. Eclipse Bingsu & Coffee

I swear, Short Street is a perfect cafe-hopping 'lorong'. Good bye, Tiong Bahru, hello Selegie! The Selegie/Princep area is teeming with interesting concept cafes and other restaurants that call upon the young crowd. Adding to the area's Korean food option is Eclipse Bingsu & Coffee, a humble little cafe that serves bingsu as well as the essentials. Best thing is that their Bingsu is comparatively priced lower than those mentioned in this list!

Address: #01-02, 1A Short St, (S) 188210


11. Ice Lab


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Ice Lab is one of the classiest-looking bingsu cafe in Singapore, with its brightly lit white interior resembling a cosmetic store. Unexpected, but at the same time, unsurprising for a Korean cafe! I have to admit that Ice Lab's bingsu prices are for the extravagant - starts at $15.00+ for a small bowl, and a $4 increment for a large one. I'll have to admit, though, the cafe's classiness is pretty infectious. You'll feel 'atas' while slurping on some bingsu too!

Address: #01-01/02, Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Rd, (S) 238866


12. Insadong Korea Town

Don't get this confused with Insadong Cafe! Insadong Korea Town is located within Resort World Sentosa's premises and offers a selection of Korean food. Bingsu is simply a requisite to the Korean food haven concept. This one looks pretty awesome!

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa, (S) 098269


13. Nunsaram


Hot weather that makes @tingxuann_ and I to have this! #nunsaram #bingsoo

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Nunsaram serves very delicious bingsu at a very competitive price. A personal favourite of mine is the Mango Bingsu, with its peppery, fine, soft ice and sweet mango flavour!

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, (S) 238896


14. Nunsongyee

Nunsongyee, located all the way at 45 Burghley Drive, isn't the most accessible bingsu dessert house compared to the rest. Thank god for Chot-Nun though. Anyway, despite the minor inaccessibility issue (that's really a non-issue in the first place), Nunsongyee serves one of the best bingsu. Its milk-variant bingsu is probably the softest you'll ever try!

Address: 534 North Bridge Rd, (S) 188749


15. O'ma Spoon

At O'ma Spoon, the Matcha/Green Tea Bingsu is one that you'll need to try. The cafe isn't afraid to overflow its ingredients to build a tall bingsu , complete with scoops of ice cream. No other cafe can match O'ma Spoon's aesthetically pleasing bingsu!

Address: #04-20/32, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, (S) 238895


16. One Ice Cafe


Omnomnomnom ?

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Choco Banana Bingsu. It's a no-brainer. The combined taste of varying sweetness and the inclusion of ice will freshen up your mind and jolt your tastebuds. Alternatively, if you're at their Waterway Point outlet, have a go at their exclusive menu - Choco-Berries Bingsu!

Address: Jurong Gateway Rd, JCube, (S) 609731


17. One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe



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One Thing Coffee is a cafe dedicated for families - there's even a play area for kids to let loose! Whether you're a parent carrying playful tots or serious bingsu predators, One Thing Coffee will satisfy every bingsu craving!

Address: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B2-17, (S) 588176


18. Paris Baguette


Finally tried bingsu but this mango one is a tad too sweet?

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If you can get past their lacklustre service, well then, Paris Baguette will satisfy your bingsu craving. Their Royal Pudding gains the most votes and a spoonful will send you straight to heaven. Their bingsu isn't any less delicious, of course. But while you're in Paris Baguette, might as well try everything else that they have to offer (other than their service)!

Address: 435 Orchard Road, #02-02, Wisma Atria, (S) 238877


19. Snowman Desserts


Nex just got one #bingsu cooler

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Despite having the likeness of every other bingsus in this list, with its rock melon balls and the softserve at the top, the Melon Bingsus served in Snowman Desserts got their level of sweet pretty on point. It's not overly sweet.

Address: Serangoon NEX #02-04/06, (S) 556083


20. Il-Sole

Finally, the queen of all bingsus is finally in Singapore. Ok, not really. Il-Sole is basically a Chinese subsidiary of giant bingsu player in Korea, Sulbing. We've not tried it yet, but surprisingly, not much news have been circling around its arrival. We'll just leave this one here until someone in the office gets a chance to try it.

Address: #03-54/55, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, (S) 658886


21. Tom And Toms Coffee


My new love - korean bingsu!! Cant get enough of them ?

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If you're looking to slurp on bingsu while hanging out at a comfy cafe while hours past, perhaps Tom N Toms Coffee might be a place you're looking for. It's like Coffee Bean (or Starbucks, even) with an added bingsu menu!

Address: 12 Gopeng St, Icon Village, (S) 078877


22. Twins Korean Restaurant


#singapore #tanjongpagar #7craigroad #빙수 #bingsoo #Twins Berry and bean powder bing soo?

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Like Chicken Up, Twins Korean Restaurant is pretty much known for its fried chicken and we'd recommend this stylish little restaurant to everyone. Aside from its fried chicken and the standard Korean menu (teokbokki, kimchi fried rice, etc.), the restaurant serves a mean bowl of bingsu. Need a good Korean rsetaurant for a date? This intimate restaurant fits the bill!

Address: 7 Craig Rd, (S) 089667

Go have yourself a delicious bowl of bingsu now! With this list on hand, we are sure that a bingsu dessert place is right around the corner.


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