No pandan intended: Fete Singapore’s national cake by inhaling 5 versions of it

How do we celebrate something as green as a tennis ball when it’s crowned as our national cake? We chomp down the top five most gratifying versions of it

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We woke up this morning to learn some yummilicious news: American news outlet CNN has crowned the humble pandan cake as our national cake (who would’ve thought!).

And suddenly, all we can think of is sinking our teeth into a slice of the fluffy goodness and how the accompanying sweet aroma lingers on our fingers after eating it.

While CNN has tapped the vibrant-hued pandan cake as a favourite in Singapore and Malaysia, other notable cakes across the world that have earned honourable mentions include cheesecake from the United States, Germany’s black forest cake, Italy’s tiramisu and Hong Kong’s ma lai go.

If you’re wondering where to get some of the most delectable pandan cakes in Singapore, here are some places to check out. And don’t wait, place your orders now before they’re all sold out!

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Rich & Good Cake Shop

Some cakes are made to look super Instagram-friendly; others not so much. The Swiss rolls at Rich & Good Cake Shop belong to the latter, but don’t get us wrong.

Although smaller than usual Swiss rolls, the old-school bakery’s signature shamrock-green kaya version boasts a rich, creamy and moist texture that’s incredibly satisfying without being too heavy.

Here’s a tip: Regular patrons may want to avoid potentially pissing off a certain aunty in the store. We’ll be frank here: Customer service isn’t the bakery’s strongest suit, and there have been complaints of how said mafia-like lady handles customers like they “owe her money”.

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Our advice? Do not mess with her, please. Pay up quickly and go home to savour the cake already.

24 Kandahar Street. Opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. Tel: 6294 3324.

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Mad About Pandan Cake

Despite the lack of a physical store, e-bakery Mad About Pandan Cake has received quite a fair bit of attention from foodies.

Currently accepting orders by e-mails only, this artisanal bakery prides itself in using only ingredients that are free of artificial agents, flavouring or preservatives; they’re also made using only 100 percent natural pandan juice. Purists can sink their teeth in a slice - or three! - with no worries.


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And hey, it’s also received local actor Tay Ping Hui’s stamp of approval. He shared a photo on his Instagram and captioned it as “the yummiest pandan cake ever!” How’s that for a celebrity’s ringing unpaid endorsement, eh.

For enquiries, e-mail Instagram:

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Bengawan Solo

When we think of pandan cakes, one of the first few bakeries that come to mind is probably Bengawan Solo. Besides its convenient locations (they have three outlets in Changi Airport alone), Bengawan Solo has been around since 1979, making it one of the more established bakery chains in Singapore.

Fluffy on the outside and pleasantly moist on the inside, its pandan chiffon cake may be its historic claim to fame, but they also have pandan Swiss rolls in kaya and cheese versions that are increasingly popular with the local palette too.


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Fun fact: This bakery was also mentioned in CNN’s ‘Cake of the world’ piece.


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You know what will take your regular pandan cakes to the next level? Two words: gula melaka. Cedele’s pandan cake comes with an icing of cream cheese (sweetened with gula melaka) and topped off with a dusting of freshly shredded coconut.

The results: an extremely flavourful pandan cake that melts in your mouth instantly. For all the pandan fanatics out there, make your trip even more worthwhile by getting Cedele’s Pandan Paradise nut ‘mylk’ smoothie that’s churned from creamy cashew nut milk, dates and pandan leaves.



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Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

Tiong Bahru has received quite some attention on account of the achingly hip cafes and restaurants that have popped up in the neighbourhood. But one traditional bakery still stands strong amidst the gentrification: The Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry.

Enter the store and you’ll be greeted by shelves of bread, cakes and kuehs. At the back end of the bakery, you’ll also notice multiple trays of freshly baked goodies waiting to be displayed at the store front: A veritable heaven for carb lovers.

Galicier’s incredibly light version will please those who find regular pandan cakes a little too ‘heavy’ on the palette. To balance it, we recommend a ‘heavier’ drink such as the normal kopi to complete your breakfast.

Given how light it is, it also means there’s a very real danger of inhaling the entire cake in a sitting. But that’s fine: you can always schedule in a workout after your bingeing session.

The other thing worth mentioning is how fragrant Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry’s pandan cakes are. Inhale and you shall be treated to a whiff of comforting coconut with the sweet aroma of pandan leaves. Trust us, it’ll be hard to resist savouring a slice once you catch a whiff of it.

Located at Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Rd #01-39, 160055. Tel: 6324 1686