Food review: 5 Korean-style desserts you must try at O’ma Spoon Cafe

The popular Korean dessert ‘bingsu’ might be just what we all need in sunny Singapore. We pick out five must-try desserts from cafe O’ma Spoon as it opens its second outlet within the year

Here’s another K-trend for Singaporeans to fall in love with — Korean-style desserts. Or more specifically, the Bingsu which is the key dish at specialty dessert cafes like O’ma Spoon.

If you have no idea what a “bingsu” might be, you’re missing out. It’s a popular Korean-style dessert that features shaved ice topped with all sorts of ingredients from sweet chocolate syrup to savoury cheesecake — perfect for a hot day in Singapore.

O’ma Spoon, or pronounced ‘oh, my spoon’ recently opened its second branch at 313@Somerset, following the opening of its first outlet at Marina Square not long ago. The cafe, which is located on the fourth floor of the mall, is really comfy and is an ideal place for friends to just sit around, catch up and share a bowl of yummy dessert. The latest K-Pop hits were also being played in the background, and I was rather pleased to listen to Big Bang’s Loser while enjoying my cool treats.

Even if you’re not in the mood for a bingsu the day you drop by the cafe, you can also try O’ma Spoon’s selection of oven-baked honey bread and oven baked toasts.

In no order of merit, we pick out the 5 must-tries from the menu.

#1 Green Tea Bingsu, $13.90

O’ma Spoon Korean cafe Green Tea Bingsu.jpg

Matcha lovers will be ecstatic to know that this green tea flavoured bingsu is not only topped with the usual matcha powder, red bean, cashew nuts and almond flakes, but also comes with a heaping scoop of smooth creamy matcha ice cream. The combination of the sweet red bean and slight bitterness of the matcha ice cream complimented each other really well and made the dessert really light and easy to eat, instead of being too sickly sweet. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that matcha powder was also sprinkled in layers within the shaved milk ice, so the flavour lingers throughout the dessert and not just when you dig into it at the top.

#2 Mango Cheesecake Bingsu, $18.90

O’ma Spoon Korean cafe MangoCheesecake.jpg

If you prefer your bingsu to be topped with fresh fruit, the mango cheesecake bingsu would be your best bet. The shaved milk ice is densely packed here, so that the mango pieces can be placed on top of it, followed by a slice of cheesecake, almond flakes, berries and vanilla ice cream. An added bonus: The cafe is extremely generous with the amount of mango cubes they stack in your bowl of bingsu.

#3 Injeolmi Bingsu, $11.90

O’ma Spoon Korean cafe Injeolmi Bingsu.jpg

The injeolmi bingsu is one of the most popular flavours in Korea and will be something new for Singaporeans to try. Injeolmi is the Korean name for roasted soya bean powder, which is dusted all over this dessert. Other toppings include cashew nuts, almond flakes and injeolmi rice cakes. This bingsu flavour is intentionally made less sweet; according to O’ma Spoon, the traditional Korean dish features milder flavours. You can always request a small cup of condensed milk at the counter though, if you would like to indulge in a sweeter treat.

#4 Injeolmi Toast, $8.90

O’ma Spoon Korean cafe Injeolmi Toast.jpg

If you’re not in the mood for shaved ice, why not try the injeolmi toast instead? Injeolmi rice cakes are placed between two slices of toast and when they melt, they form an extremely tasty and chewy layer between the crunchy bread. Topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and almond flakes, the addictive textures in the dessert will definitely leave you wanting more.

#5 Choco Strawberry Honey Butter Bread, $14.90

O’ma Spoon Korean cafe Choco Strawberry Honey Butter Bread.jpg

The choco strawberry honey butter bread is definitely one that will make your mouth water when you set your eyes on it. The two-inch thick oven-baked honey bread, that is sweetened with honey and covered with butter when baked, is specially imported from Korea. The toast is covered with everybody’s favourite nutella, topped with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and a huge dollop of whipped cream. This sweet dessert is perfect for those who love a combination of all things sweet and indulgent.

The next time you find yourself looking for a cool dessert around town to beat the heat, you know just where to go.

O’ma spoon is now open at 313@Somerset, Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays and 11.30am to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays. Follow O’ma Spoon on Instagram and its Facebook page for more information.

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