VIDEO: Want beautiful upper arms? This easy home workout is all you’ll ever need

If you’ve always been wary of wearing anything sleeveless because you dislike your arms, here’s help. This quick and simple exercise will transform them from flab to fab

Content producer: Hayden Ng. Photography: Vernon Wong. Grooming: Christine Lim using Shu Uemura and Redken. Special thanks to Under Armour.

When it comes to sleeveless dresses and tops, it’s pretty much a love-hate relationship. We love them because they make us feel so comfortable and at ease—whether it’s at the bar or beach. They’re also extremely wearable for the hot and humid weather here in Singapore.

But at the same time, we dislike them because they direct all onlookers' attention to our arms. Not all of us would consider them as our best assets...erm...we can’t even remember our last trip to the gym so yes, it was that long ago. Weights? Nah. We'd rather reach for flutes.


Photo: Tara Whiteman / Instagram; Jeanette Aw for ICON Singapore / Instagram

But don’t stress out; we’ve got fitness instructor and Director of Rising Fitness, Alex Mok to show us an easy way to train our arms so we can finally say hello to those hidden biceps of ours. Play the video above and try it out yourself now.

Photo (from left): Yvette King / Instagram; Tiffany Hwang / Instagram; Isabel Tan / Instagram

Get toned arms with plank push ups


  • Keep your chest up and maintain a straight back before placing yourself in a plank position.

  • For beginners, rest your knees on the ground. For a more advanced workout, go for a pushup position.

  • Push your upper body upwards one hand at a time. Ensure that your whole body is leaning slightly forward and remember to ‘pinch’ your shoulder blades together throughout the workout.

  • Once you’re at pushup position, lower each arm slowly until your forearms and elbows are resting on the ground.

  • Complete four sets of 20.